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Wearing:// Dress: Free People

     Hello there! I am currently writing to you all from my lovely bedroom in New Jersey because I live on naps and have been home for the past week. Through some sort of miracle, I survived my third and final oceanography midterm-- in typical Isabelle fashion, I felt like I failed the test and that the world was ending but I did well in the end...classic. Since coming home, I've been basically using each meal as an opportunity to hang out with my various home friends and family. This week, my mom and I drove to New York and saw Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway with my sister. I've always loved New York and haven't been since last August, but I remarked the stark contrast between LA and New York during this visit. Going from LA, where you can prance about and drive for miles upon miles around to New York, where you're almost shoulder to shoulder with strangers, was the weirdest experience. Nonetheless, I was happily reunited with Aritzia and the insane guacamole from Dos Caminos. Holy YUM!!

     Unfortunately, I will be headed back to school tomorrow for work on Tuesday and sorority recruitment on Saturday. As much as I am excited to see my friends and live in the USC Village, I could really use a month off of school. My brain just has too much information regarding dunes and barnacles in it at the moment, haha. I can say confidently that I will never be enduring summer classes again. I will most likely be updating you guys next from LA; until then, I hope you all are enjoying your August! xoxo Isabelle 

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