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       If you told me how quick the semester would fly nearly two months ago when I arrived at USC, I wouldn't have believed you. For the first few weeks of the semester, it seemed like it would be an eternity before I got into my academic "groove" and found my place at USC. Alongside trying to comprehend my art history and international relations material, finding my routine has also included discovering the myriad nooks of LA and tasting all of the yummy food this city has to offer. While school is always a drag, I have come to appreciate the experience of learning in classes I actually enjoy (as opposed to high school requirements) and being able to learn with the sun on my skin and LA at my fingertips. Although, I didn't see too much sunlight last week because I endured three midterms in one week...ouch; at least they were easier than expected! One of the highlights of my semester thus far was attending Air + Style, a part snowboard competition part music festival that was held just across the street from campus. I was able to dance the night away to Zhu, Flume, Russ, Louis the Child, and Major Lazer alongside my friends Dani, Morgan, and Carolyn. We also indulged in some food-truck churro ice-cream contraptions while I conversed with a group of French people...somehow, I always find French people no matter where I am. Otherwise, my semester has been spent deciding what I want my USC experience to look like, in terms of what areas I want to invest my free time into. While I haven't come to many conclusions in that regard, I do know that I want to influence people's lives in life-altering ways. I feel that I have the potential to make great change on this campus, but my avenues just haven't presented themselves yet. 

      Next weekend, I board a plane back to the east coast for the first time since January. My excitement is quite literally through the roof-- who knew that I would miss NJ despite living in CA? There's something about the stark contrast in pace between LA and my hometown that is curious. Oh, and I can always do a 5.5 hour flight to see my pets. Bentley and Molly, I'm coming home!!! xoxo Isabelle 

Manhattan Beach

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       I think everyone can agree that, no matter the weather, a trip to the beach is and will aways be revitalizing. All it takes is a portable speaker, some good reads, sunset views, and genuine company/conversation to provide opportunity for reflection. If you're like me, you'll bring your camera and take tons of pictures, decide a Boomerang of the waves is a good idea, and have a wave crash up to your knees and leave you soaked. Ideally, that won't be your experience. Nevertheless, the painted sunset, which only improves with time, and your meaningful conversations will allow you to overlook your soaked state and anything else perturbing you. 

      Hi, yes, it's me, Isabelle. I am still alive! Although I probably won't be able to say the same in a week (hello, midterms), I am still alive and in California. As usual, I'm sorry for the sporadic posts during the school year. Who knew that school could be so time consuming? T-4 weeks until spring break, aka enjoying my pets' company and sitting on the beach. I hope you guys are surviving and thriving in the new semester. xoxo Isabelle 
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