What to Wear This Summer | Warby Parker Summer 2017 Collection

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     I'm not sure about you, but I've always secretly wanted to have the need for eyeglasses. I guess as someone who appreciates fashion, I see eyeglasses as accessories more than something people actually need to see (shoutout to my four-eyed brother and mom, jokes). Anyway, I teamed up with Warby Parker again to help launch their Summer 2017 eyeglasses collection! While I myself do not wear eyeglasses, I wanted to pick out my favorites from Warby Parker and to show you guys some potential outfit ideas for the summer months. If I did need glasses, I would definitely hit Warby Parker for their sleek designs and affordable quality pieces. P.S. For those of my readers in the LA area, I will be stopping by Warby Parker's opening of their Melrose location on Saturday, April 22nd-- I hope to see you guys there! xoxo Isabelle 

Warby Parker 1

Warby Parker 3


Antelope Valley Poppies

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Wearing:// Dress: Free People 
*First image by Dani Tuchman

     Despite living in Los Angeles, my friends and I often find ourselves locked in the bubble of our campus and constrained by our reliance on Uber. The very thought of driving or having a car at school is enough to get us excited (sad, I know). Last Wednesday, we spontaneously hit the road in our friend's car to see the hyped wildflower super bloom in Antelope Valley. With two photographer fanatics and plenty of Free People, we naturally took heaps of photos. The whole time, I couldn't believe just how beautiful and unreal the whole landscape looked. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that I live in such a beautiful state when I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of campus life. This little road trip was just what I needed to power through finals. 

Speaking of finals, WE ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT OF CLASSES! To make finals just a little bit harder for myself, I am seeing The Voice live on Tuesday, my 19th birthday is smack dab in the middle of the last week of the semester, I am seeing The Weeknd the following weekend, and I might just fit in a trip to Disneyland. You're supposed to have fun during your free time instead of studying, right? Right. Well, a paper and actual finals studying awaits me. I'm sorry for a totally unintentional month-long hiatus! Somehow, school always gets the best of me. xoxo Isabelle 


The LA Flower District

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Wearing:// Top: Aritzia, Jacket: LF, Pants: Aritzia, Sunnies: Celine

Hello all! I have resurfaced on the interwebs and am back at it with a new post--finally. l endured three midterms in one week (celebrated with a Sprinkles ATM cupcake, of course) along with a couple of papers, marking the end of half of my first semester at USC. I now find myself sunburned on only my second day of spring break in Miami..boy oh boy does it feel nice to be close to home. Just a few days until I can hug my dogs! Home aside, I have been loving exploring LA when I am not cooped up in our library with Starbucks in hand. My friend Lacey and I did some brunching at Poppy & Rose, where I had some yummy eggs and an iced latte. For some reason, we were not aware that this well-known brunch place is located in the Flower District. Alas, we stumbled upon the rows upon rows of bouquets in the factory-like buildings, where we took atleast three laps before making a purchase. We had to be sure of our flower picks in terms of type, color, and quality. Eventually, we arrived at our choices and promptly Uber-ed to Melrose to snap some cute pictures. I've been loving this rose embroidered jacket I picked up from LF a few weeks ago! It takes any outfit from simple to urban cool while giving you some warmth for the chilly Los Angeles nights. 

After we were done shooting, we kept walking along Melrose, enjoying the sunshine, when I saw Jojo and Jordan from The Bachelorette coming out of Dash. When I peeped, "Jojo?" they swiftly skipped/ran away even though I just wanted to say hi. I guess not all celebrities are so warm and kind as the main characters from the Fosters were when I saw them at the Grove. I hope you guys liked this post! I hope to come back with some more posts frequently despite the semester (seemingly) speeding up. Here's to almost being a sophomore in college! Wishing you guys relaxing spring breaks! xoxo Isabelle

Midterm Reflection | USC

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       If you told me how quick the semester would fly nearly two months ago when I arrived at USC, I wouldn't have believed you. For the first few weeks of the semester, it seemed like it would be an eternity before I got into my academic "groove" and found my place at USC. Alongside trying to comprehend my art history and international relations material, finding my routine has also included discovering the myriad nooks of LA and tasting all of the yummy food this city has to offer. While school is always a drag, I have come to appreciate the experience of learning in classes I actually enjoy (as opposed to high school requirements) and being able to learn with the sun on my skin and LA at my fingertips. Although, I didn't see too much sunlight last week because I endured three midterms in one week...ouch; at least they were easier than expected! One of the highlights of my semester thus far was attending Air + Style, a part snowboard competition part music festival that was held just across the street from campus. I was able to dance the night away to Zhu, Flume, Russ, Louis the Child, and Major Lazer alongside my friends Dani, Morgan, and Carolyn. We also indulged in some food-truck churro ice-cream contraptions while I conversed with a group of French people...somehow, I always find French people no matter where I am. Otherwise, my semester has been spent deciding what I want my USC experience to look like, in terms of what areas I want to invest my free time into. While I haven't come to many conclusions in that regard, I do know that I want to influence people's lives in life-altering ways. I feel that I have the potential to make great change on this campus, but my avenues just haven't presented themselves yet. 

      Next weekend, I board a plane back to the east coast for the first time since January. My excitement is quite literally through the roof-- who knew that I would miss NJ despite living in CA? There's something about the stark contrast in pace between LA and my hometown that is curious. Oh, and I can always do a 5.5 hour flight to see my pets. Bentley and Molly, I'm coming home!!! xoxo Isabelle 

Manhattan Beach

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       I think everyone can agree that, no matter the weather, a trip to the beach is and will aways be revitalizing. All it takes is a portable speaker, some good reads, sunset views, and genuine company/conversation to provide opportunity for reflection. If you're like me, you'll bring your camera and take tons of pictures, decide a Boomerang of the waves is a good idea, and have a wave crash up to your knees and leave you soaked. Ideally, that won't be your experience. Nevertheless, the painted sunset, which only improves with time, and your meaningful conversations will allow you to overlook your soaked state and anything else perturbing you. 

      Hi, yes, it's me, Isabelle. I am still alive! Although I probably won't be able to say the same in a week (hello, midterms), I am still alive and in California. As usual, I'm sorry for the sporadic posts during the school year. Who knew that school could be so time consuming? T-4 weeks until spring break, aka enjoying my pets' company and sitting on the beach. I hope you guys are surviving and thriving in the new semester. xoxo Isabelle 

LACMA, People's Choice Awards, & Jimmy Kimmel Live

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**First and final photos captured by Danielle Tuchman @dani.tuch**

      Since arriving in LA nearly a month ago, my life has consisted of running from class to class, experiencing unexpected flash rains/random moments of 80 degree weather, and frequently forgetting that I now live across the country. When those and many other ordeals haven't been occupying my time, I've made an intentional effort to explore LA as much as I can. This past week, that meant two trips to LACMA (once for pure enjoyment and once for an art history assignment), attending the People's Choice Awards with Megan of Tunes and Tunics, going to a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping, and ditching the UCLA game for various reasons for the Bigg Chill froyo. Even after under three weeks of being here, I've already come to appreciate the multitude of possibilities and opportunities literally at my doorstep by going to school here. 
      Somehow we're already at week four of classes and midterms are already looming over my head! Yay! You know you have a problem when you're still in the process of adjusting to a place and you're already being faced with mid semester tests...Pray for my sanity. I hope you guys are settling into second semester! xoxo Isabelle 
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