San Diego, Game Day, Home & Other Random Updates

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      Hi everyone! It has been a hot minute since I have done a proper life update on my time at USC and this semester in general. This has truly been a whirlwind of a semester-- from increasingly challenging classes, including two French classes and a pest of a writing class, to football game days to joining a new student organization, I have been entirely busy and barely squeezed in my weekly episode of How to Get Away With Murder. Aside from the trials of studying and trudging through the semester, I did have a nice semester in terms of exploring more of California. Each of these trips was initiated by my friend Morgan, who I've mentioned before and is featured in numerous photos here, whether it was for her lovely birthday weekend in Newport or a trip down to San Diego for a (failed) attempt at going to the Southern California lantern festival. In addition to these much needed get aways, I spent quite a bit of time on campus participating in home games, aka the craziest phenomenon there ever was, to attending my IR frat's invite, which is why I was all dolled up in the last picture. Ironically, the theme of our invite was "A Night in Havana", and just two weeks later, I was actually in Havana, Cuba! 

     Anyone who attends USC would agree that this was theeeee longest semester ever, mostly because we do not have a fall break before Thanksgiving so everyone is toast by the time finals roll around. Given the burnout of summer classes combined with this strenuous semester, I am, of course, entirely dreading spring semester. It is certainly going to be a busy semester but at least I can look forward to being halfway done with college and nearly 20 years old (!!!). With that, I'll wish you all a lovely rest of holiday break and a very happy New Year! xoxo Izzy 


Fall Things

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Wearing:// Sweater & Jacket: LF Stores (Old), Jeans: Aritzia, Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Shoes: Minelli, Earrings: Local Boutique 

      I'm truly unsure of where to begin with this post for one, I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and now there's snow on the ground where these photos were shot. Aside from the trials of transitioning back to the cold weather at home, I'm sure you all have been wondering what I've been up to. I have a whole update post in the works with photos from this past semester; I suppose the combination of work and school took over and I haven't had much time to rest. I returned home from California this past Tuesday and I haven't left the house once due to a pestering fever/flu I guess I went too hard studying for finals! I think that falling ill upon returning home is a metaphor for just how taxing this interminable semester has been. When I was home during Thanksgiving, which was a much needed escape from campus, I embraced the chilly weather and threw this outfit on. I've been especially into hoops as of late. With just about any outfit, I feel like hoops add an element of both elegance and sass and, most importantly, confidence. Behind the scenes of this mini-photo shoot included my mom and I hopping the fence across from our street because we didn't want to leave our car on a busy street (as busy as a street can get in suburbia). 

     This is entirely random to the outfit post in question but I just created a new playlist on Spotify if you guys want to check it out! Go follow me on there for some new tunes and to see what I'm listening to. Although my next post will be an update on this past semester, I suppose I can let you all in on my Christmas break plans! I'm headed to Miami for a few days next week before my fam travels to Cuba for a nice week long trip. Don't worry— I'll have my camera practically glued to my neck while I capture all of the vintage cars and the vibrant architecture. Until my update post! xx Izzy 


Tea Time

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Wearing:// Dress: Rebecca Taylor, Shoes: Gucci (Similar), Bag: Chanel

     When I sat down to write this post, I thought to myself, "Oh...I probably haven't posted in about a month or so." NOPE. It's been two months since I've sat down to write and reflect with you all. I am so sorry for that! Given this hiatus, I have a lot to update you guys on. We're already half way through fall semester, and let's just say this semester is a lot more difficult than the last. My classes primarily consist of papers; while this is more my speed than the awful multiple choice exams I had for Oceanography this summer, I think that papers are more stressful in that you have so much control over it. This usually means, for me at least, that I start my papers exceedingly too early and end up over-editing them. To combat the stresses of school, I've been doing adventures here and there off campus. One week this meant a painting class in Newport Beach, and another this meant avoiding subburn at Manhattan Beach. On this venture, my friend Morgan and I ventured to Pasadena, where we had some yummy tea and mini desserts. It was mostly an opportunity to put on some fancy dresses that we would otherwise not have occasion to wear. 

Aside from the hustle and bustle of school, I do not have too much to report! I'm really looking forward to returning home for Thanksgiving break. My French advisor told me how this semester would feel much longer than spring semester, and boy was she right. As much as I enjoy being at school, the veritable fall weather and my cute doggies are calling my name. I plan to come back with a photo story of the best of this semester thus far! Until then, I hope you all are doing well this October! xoxo Izzy 

Current Location

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Wearing:// Dress: Free People

     Hello there! I am currently writing to you all from my lovely bedroom in New Jersey because I live on naps and have been home for the past week. Through some sort of miracle, I survived my third and final oceanography midterm-- in typical Isabelle fashion, I felt like I failed the test and that the world was ending but I did well in the end...classic. Since coming home, I've been basically using each meal as an opportunity to hang out with my various home friends and family. This week, my mom and I drove to New York and saw Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway with my sister. I've always loved New York and haven't been since last August, but I remarked the stark contrast between LA and New York during this visit. Going from LA, where you can prance about and drive for miles upon miles around to New York, where you're almost shoulder to shoulder with strangers, was the weirdest experience. Nonetheless, I was happily reunited with Aritzia and the insane guacamole from Dos Caminos. Holy YUM!!

     Unfortunately, I will be headed back to school tomorrow for work on Tuesday and sorority recruitment on Saturday. As much as I am excited to see my friends and live in the USC Village, I could really use a month off of school. My brain just has too much information regarding dunes and barnacles in it at the moment, haha. I can say confidently that I will never be enduring summer classes again. I will most likely be updating you guys next from LA; until then, I hope you all are enjoying your August! xoxo Isabelle 


Santa Barbara, Runyon Canyon, & Sorority Recruitment?!

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       Hello friends! I'm back with a little photo diary, which always makes me yearn to be back on vacation. As you have seen on my Instagram (@lostbuntfound), I recently went to Santa Barbara with my mom to escape the LA insanity and find some peace. When I say that Santa Barbara a) looked like Europe and b) felt like a sort of oasis, I am far from kidding. The moment we got out of the car and stepped foot on our hotel grounds, I was instantly inspired by the beautiful scenery and tropical colors. The hotel itself constitutes the majority of these photos, aside from a few shots at the beach and in the historic old mission of Santa Barbara. I also wanted to include a photo from a hike I did at Runyon Canyon a few weeks ago with my childhood friend Elliot! It was so exciting to have someone from my little town in New Jersey out here in California. Aside from the fact that we took the "expert" path by accident, dodging cacti and (apparently) RATTLE SNAKES, we had a blast catching up and walking around West Hollywood. 

It's only four days until I am finally free of summer classes! To be honest, I never thought I would see this day, meaning that I wasn't sure I would make it through a total of 12 units of courses. But here I am! Only my third midterm and two more lab quizzes stand between me and a mini break before a jam packed fall semester... aka more insanity! Yahooo!! Plus, I'll be going through sorority recruitment this fall semester, so I need to get to outfit planning because there's only a a few weeks until rush. If you guys would like to see what I wear for rush, just let me know in a comment! Hope you all are enjoying the end of July. xoxo Isabelle 


Pink Skies

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Wearing:// Dress: Free People, Sunnies: Melrose Trading Post (Quay Australia), Shoes: Michael Kors, Earrings: Bauble Bar 
      HI PEOPLE! If it wasn't for my number one fan (my mom) reminding me to do this post, I would probably have put it off in favor of trying to study oceanography (aka sitting and staring at my Quizlets) in hopes of surviving my very last summer class. As you guys know, I've been in LA all summer working and taking summer classes and, well, it's felt like an eternity. While all of my friends are yearning to return to school, I can't wait to escape campus. Last week, however, I saw my mom for the first time in two months and we took a little adventure to Santa Barbara for a few days. The second we arrived, I felt like I had been transported to an oasis far far away from LA and California in general. Although my science class was at the forefront of my worries, our various escapades in Santa Barbara were perfect distractions. From walking around downtown to hitting the zoo to seeking out Backyard Bowls açai bowls, we did everything we possibly could in 72 hours. A post is to come including many sunset beach pictures and breathtaking landscapes!

       Until that post, can we talk about just how cute this dress is? I have been on the hunt for cute summer dresses in preparation for sorority recruitment and this Free People number fits the bill. I think that I have at least five clothing items at this point which are off the shoulder; there's something so feminine about off the shoulder pieces plus it is an easy way to put your necklaces on display. Additionally, I've been having a bit of style crisis lately (first world problems, I know), not knowing where I really like to shop or what my outfit vibe is. Over the past few weeks, though, I have accumulated quite a bit of Free People from various department storesales, so maybe I am finding direction!! Fingers crossed! Hahah. Crazy enough, I only have about a month until fall semester starts so maybe I'll try to stop wearing athletic clothes everyday...emphasis on maybe. Jokes aside, where has summer gone and why have I been learning all summer? The world may never know. I'm off to get another chop & "study" some more! Hope you all are well. xoxo Izzy 


Summer Look Inspiration & I'M BACK

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     Hi everyone!! Long time no talk this morning, I was at Starbucks finally reading my blog email after weeks and checking when I last posted. It's safe to say that I was shocked that I posted almost over a month ago. My biggest fan (my mom) has been asking for new content and now I realize just how long I have been on a hiatus. My only explanation is that I have been working and taking classes and am without my photography friends to help me take outfit pictures. However, I am currently in between summer class sessions so I thought I'd take the extra time I have (that I'm not spending watching How to Get Away With Murder) to put together a summer outfit inspiration post! I've found that making these Polyvore sets a) makes me want to shop even more and b) allows me to imagine how I would dress if money wasn't an obstacle. Let me know in a comment below which look is your favorite (1, 2, or 3) and update me on your life!! Hopefully I'll be back with a new post soon. xoxo Isabelle 

Outfit 1

Outfit 2


Seattle, WA

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Wearing:// Top: ASTR (old), Pants: Aritzia, Bag: Gucci

      Naturally,  I found myself jet-setting my first weekend back at school for summer classes and working. On Thursday of last week, I was relaxing before class and planning for a weekend of work and pretty much doing nothing. But at 12pm when I received a text from my friend Morgan's mom (yes, her mom) to come to Seattle for the weekend, my lackluster plans quickly changed. I proceeded to book my last minute flight and get to packing for the jam-packed weekend ahead of me. The second I arrived in Seattle, Morgan and I were zipping across the city, through downtown and suburbia. I think I consumed enough that weekend to survive on for a month-- my favorite food stop was by far the icecream/cookie duo at Hello Robbin. When we weren't eating deliciousness, we were sight seeing as much as we possibly could in our 48 hours together. We hit all of the must see spots, from Pike Place to Kerry Park to the famous but disgusting gum wall. I had such a blast seeing Seattle with my very own Seattlite best friend and can't wait to go back. The combination of the mountains, the water, and the city was unlike anything else. 

     Now, I find myself back in La La Land slaving over a paper and prepping for a debate (yes, I'm being dramatic). To describe my boredom on this Memorial Day, I almost wish I had had class instead of having the day off. When you have to hail an Uber to seek out caffeine, you know you're in a tough situation. After this week, it'll be mostly smooth sailing until the end of the first session of summer classes. I have training up north in a couple of weeks for my job, and hopefully I'll be able to share that experience with you all! Until then, it's a whole lot of reading and soaking up the California sunshine. xoxo Isabelle 

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