Winter Wonderland: Zermatt

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      A few weeks ago (already!), I set out on yet another 5 hour train journey (which entailed less complications than last time, thankfully) to see what the hype was all about in Zermatt for skiing. Prior to coming to Switzerland, I only knew Zermatt as a) the place where my parents took pictures with the iconic dogs and b) a famous mountain formation. I left Zermatt with more or less the same impressions, except that I now know that the Toberlone chocolate packaging features the Matterhorn, and I probably should've taken some sort of artsy picture of the chocolate there. However, my friends Morgan, Maddie, and I were rather busy skiing it up and trying out the ever-famous burgers at The Brown Cow, a pub style restaurant that isn't to miss in Zermatt. The town was rather small, with probably roughly 50 shops or so to offer. When I wasn't nearly breaking my neck on the icy streets, strolling the streets at night after a tiring day of skiing was both chilly and magical. 

Since Zermatt, I've gone back to Paris for USC orientation and my mom and brother have come to visit me in Switzerland. It's absolutely insane how the weeks just get the best of you. I'm currently knee deep in two research papers and finals season...but there's only 7 days until I'm homebound! Can you guys believe I've been here since late August? Stay tuned because the blog's next stop is La La Land. xoxo Isabelle 

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