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             Nearly a month ago, I left for academic travel with my entrepreneurship class. Although my peers traveled as far as Botswana, Iceland, and southern Italy, my class stayed in Switzerland, visiting Geneva, Lausanne, and Bern. I had visited both Geneva and Lausanne earlier in the semester, but I really enjoyed discovering Bern for a few days. Despite being cooped up in presentations from start-up companies, IP offices, and organizations of the likes, the time we spent exploring the towns (aka eating & shopping our way around) was enjoyable. The best part of those two weeks, though, were when we were able to part ways with the group and either travel home to Lugano or go elsewhere. My two friends (Claire x2) and I rented an Air BnB situated right next to the Musée D'Orsay in Paris, and we spent three days there living like true Parisiens. I assumed the role of tour guide, taking them to my favorite corners of the city-- notably, Centre Pompidou, the restaurant L'éventail, Angelina's for hot chocolate, and the top of the Arc de Triomphe, among other locations. This was my first time back in France since I went the summer after studying abroad, which was nearly two years ago, so it felt good to be back "home". 

Bundled Up in Lausanne

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Wearing:// Sweater: Zara, Skirt: Aritzia, Boots: Minelli (Rag & Bone)

     For some reason, packing a reasonable/rational amount of clothing for any trip still seems to trip me up. I have an undeniable tendency to pack enough for every and any possible event or situation which may arise. However, I usually end up wearing the same few pieces once I am actually traveling. When I went around Switzerland with my business class, my go-to pieces were my leather jacket and my blanket scarf. Even when I lived in France, blanket scarves seemed to be the popular accessory of the time. And when you're done trying to look chic, you can take the Zara blanket scarves, which are unbelievably massive, and take a nap at any given time. Score!! Not that I am promoting napping in random places/cities, but I know the college student struggle of wanting to pass out from overall exhaustion while walking from your dorm to the library.  

I am currently procrastinating a French cinema paper on the movie À Bout de Souffle and studying for a political science quiz by finally catching up on my blogging...sorry for my hiatus! Traveling and finishing up my last assignments of my first semester has been rather hectic. I can't believe I'm nearly halfway done my Freshman year, and that I'll be leaving Switzerland in roughly 29 days. Prepare for an influx of catchup posts Feel free to comment with what you've been up to! How're you guys doing? xoxo Isabelle 


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Wearing:// Jacket: Roxy Snow, Jeans: McGuire Denim, Beanie: Saas Fee

      There are few things better than going from 70 degree sweater weather to beanie ski0jacket weather within hours. Although I will be enjoying the California sunshine in a couple of months, there's no denying my love for wearing layers in brisk weather. Despite traveling difficulties (see my previous post), being transported to this quaint, winter-y atmosphere was all I could've asked for. Being surrounded by the nature, skiing, and donning my ski jacket just felt right. Even though my weekend in Saas Fee just happened, I've already done so much since I last posted! I have been traveling around with my business class, discovering the inside of various entrepreneurship offices and quite curiously learning about the proton and molecules?? It was surely 10 days spent traveling around Switzerland to post coming next! 

      This morning, however, I took a train with my friend Claire to Paris. We are here for the next few days with our other friend Claire-- expect copious amounts of macaroon pictures and cliché Eiffel Tower snaps!! It feels so good to be back in France, after studying abroad here for my junior year. Here's to many croissants, avoiding damage to my wallet, and long walks along the Seine this week! I hope you guys are having a great first week of November (not sure where October went?)!! I'll talk to you all soon. xoxo Isabelle 
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