Skiing in Saas Fee

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       After a 12-hour journey consisting of packed, delayed trains, attempting to take trains our tickets didn't cover, an exploding bag of M&Ms, and standing on 2 hour long trains, we finally reached Saas Fee. We arrived in the auto-mobile free town around 9 p.m., and soon after our hotel host picked us up in a small golf-cart type deal. By that point, we had had enough adventure for one day, but bumping up and down on the cart and looking up at the numerous stars was like a scene out of a movie. I suppose it is because we were at a higher altitude, but the sky never looked clearer to me. Our hotel room, adorned with heart accents, a much needed heater, and the cutest set up, was extremely inviting after an interminable day. The next day, my friend Claire and I set out for the slopes. Although neither of us had ever been to Saas Fee, we soon found ourselves navigating the different runs, figuring out which lifts lead where and where the best powder was to be found. The coolest part of the mountain was easily the fact that we had to take two gondolas and a funicular in the mountain to get to the very top. As someone who has skied primarily in Vermont and once in Quebec, looking around and seeing such beautiful mountains evoked a feeling of being on top of the world. After our day of skiing came to a close, we explored the cutesy village, stopping in a handmade craft store and making a purchase or two. 

Despite the many difficulties we encountered in trying to escape Lugano for Saas Fee, I wouldn't have traded that weekend for a smooth travel experience. It's crazy how much beauty there is to see in the world that is right at your fingertips, whether or not you realize it. 
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