The Climb | Sunrise Hike on San Salvatore

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     I can think of few sights as beautiful as the view from the top of San Salvatore at sunrise. My morning began at approixmatly 3:45 am, when I peeled myself out of bed and threw on my clunky hiking gear, unsure of what this adventure would entail. As a novice hiker, I knew little to nothing about what constituted proper attire, but I felt marginally prepared. My friends and I will readily complain of how hilly Lugano is, including our basic walk downtown. That being said, I found myself gasping for breath after crossing town, before we even reached the bottom of the mountain. I bet you can imagine how well the rest of the hike went. 

      I can recall at least five instances in which I though to myself, "Turning back wouldn't be so bad, would it?" As this thought circulated in my head, I kept up with the pace of my school's Alpine Club, fearful that I would be stranded on the mountain, in the dark, with no knowledge of how to turn back (plus I was very hungry, so this was a major issue). Despite faltering on numerous occasions, I powered through and, looking back at my images, it was worth all of the hesitancy and lack of sleep. Never, in a million years, did I imagine myself completing a hike (period.), and especially not something of this stature. I'm writing this post from my dorm room, which has a perfect view of San Salvatore, which will serve as a symbol of my strength, determination, and most importantly, capability. It will also remind me to exercise when I would rather shovel plates of pasta and pizza down my throat after class. 

      I encourage you all to try something you've always considered but never followed through on completing! It may just alter your mindset. I hope you all are doing well! Although I have been extremely busy, I've made it a point to keep my Instagram (@lostbutntfound) updated on all of my adventures abroad. Make sure you follow-- another exciting venture awaits me this coming weekend! xoxo Isabelle 
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