Milan Fashion Week & EFX USA

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      Last weekend, my friends and I took a more or less spontaneous day trip to Milan during Milan Fashion Week. We didn't have too many expectations for the day, but we were certainly hopeful that we would stumble upon Gigi Hadid, among other celebrities. After hopping on the earliest train, with cappuccinos in hand, we asked that our taxi driver take us to the fashion week festivities. By a stroke of luck, there was a show starting in 15 minutes right by the Duomo. Naturally, we lingered around that area, until girls donning berets, oversized sunglasses, and heels began looming the premises. Aside from the models and socialites, there was an influx of photographers, who were awaiting photo opportunities in the area. When these two models pictured above came out of the show, I interjected myself between the paparazzi and snapped some shots because why not? Once everyone continued onto the next show, we made our way through the shops and eventually hit a café to complete our tiring but exciting fashion filled day. Concerning Gigi Hadid, we did not actually see her, but we were in the same vicinity/zip-code/country as basically we met her. If you ever get the chance to be in a city during fashion week, even if you can't attend a show because #peasantstatus, please do! It was an experience that I'll never forget. 

My friend Stew who is in my business class recently connected me with the company EFX USA, which boasts jewelry, clothing, and insoles with holographic performance technology. I chose the "Leather Band Charm Bracelet"  because it is one of the more stylish options that encompasses the holographic technology. If you want to learn more about this company, click here for more information! Midterms are fast approaching, and my schedule only seems to be filling up with papers and studying, but I will talk to all of you very soon (hopefully I won't be ill & stressed as ever then, haha). I'm off to get coffee #2 of the day! xoxo Isabelle

Geneva, Lausanne, and Grueyeres Adventures

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     Last weekend, I fortunately escaped the heat of Lugano for the chilly, rather rainy French speaking region of Switzerland. We walked the streets of Lausanne, Geneva, and Gruyeres, taking in the scenery and architecture, which contrast greatly with those of Lugano. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I speak French or just the general feel of the city, but there was something so special about Geneva. While getting my crepe fix was rather satisfying, just walking around and seeing this melting pot of a place gave me a sense of home. Even though I always imagined Geneva to be this big city, it had a sort of quaint feel, despite being vast in terms of its reach in the international relations feel and in terms of a varied population. Another highlight of the whole weekend was visiting Maison Cailler, a swiss chocolate factory/museum that is actually owned by Nestlé. I left the chocoalate factory well stuffed with yummy samples and nearly saying, "I can't even think about chocolate...until tomorrow." (which was half-true) In just a few weeks, I will be headed back to Geneva, Lausanne, and Bern, and I am curious as to how the weather will change my perspective on the cities. 

Until then, I'll be cooped up in the library writing papers until my three coffees a day serve me no longer. How are you guys? I'm sorry I have been a bit MIA here! School has been somewhat demanding and traveling fairly often has made free time scarce. Keep updated on my adventures by following @lostbutntfound on Instagram! 



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Wearing:// Dress: Mango, Shoes: Zara, Sunnies: Ray Ban 

     For my roommate Molly and me, a trip to town is not complete without a stop at this bagel and juice shop we found (where I, naturally, get coffee instead of juice). While we both regularly complain of the Lugano heat and how we can't wait for it to get cooler, I've come to appreciate the beauty of walking along the lake beneath the beating sun after getting my coffee fix  I've found myself saying "there's always something to see in town", whether it's a pop-up market or random concerts. On Wednesdays, when we both are mostly free of lectures and classroom confinement, we try to get into town with my friends Dani, Claire (x2), and Tatiyana. It's so easy to be consumed in the excitement of traveling around Europe, that one can easily overlook the place one is actually in, but trips to town are equally as important. When I lived in France, I found that the times I spent exploring Rennes and centre ville with my friends were the instances in which I made the best memories. I think this concept need be applied even in terms of your hometown, and exploring whereever you call your "backyard". 

     I've spent the past two nights cooped up in the library until what I consider to be quite late hours of the evening (maybe I'm just a grannie), but getting caught up with work seems to a theme of this semester. One minute,  I think  that I've got my work under control, and the next, I'm being thrown a 5 page paper for French Cinema, and an Italian quiz that I thought was next week, is actually tomorrow. While boarding school prepped me for dormitory living, I never truly understood the struggle of late night papers and squeezing in meals until I got to college. Everyone rejoice in our lack of sleep!! Just kidding...kinda. I hope you guys are getting shuteye and are having a great September. Can you believe it's almost October? xx Isabelle 

Also a HUGE shoutout to my amazingly talented roommate Molly of Molly Waring Photography for taking these pictures of me! You guys have to go check out her website here. In addition to being an exquisite portrait photographer, she blogs as well. Go give her website/social media some love!! 


The Climb | Sunrise Hike on San Salvatore

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     I can think of few sights as beautiful as the view from the top of San Salvatore at sunrise. My morning began at approixmatly 3:45 am, when I peeled myself out of bed and threw on my clunky hiking gear, unsure of what this adventure would entail. As a novice hiker, I knew little to nothing about what constituted proper attire, but I felt marginally prepared. My friends and I will readily complain of how hilly Lugano is, including our basic walk downtown. That being said, I found myself gasping for breath after crossing town, before we even reached the bottom of the mountain. I bet you can imagine how well the rest of the hike went. 

      I can recall at least five instances in which I though to myself, "Turning back wouldn't be so bad, would it?" As this thought circulated in my head, I kept up with the pace of my school's Alpine Club, fearful that I would be stranded on the mountain, in the dark, with no knowledge of how to turn back (plus I was very hungry, so this was a major issue). Despite faltering on numerous occasions, I powered through and, looking back at my images, it was worth all of the hesitancy and lack of sleep. Never, in a million years, did I imagine myself completing a hike (period.), and especially not something of this stature. I'm writing this post from my dorm room, which has a perfect view of San Salvatore, which will serve as a symbol of my strength, determination, and most importantly, capability. It will also remind me to exercise when I would rather shovel plates of pasta and pizza down my throat after class. 

      I encourage you all to try something you've always considered but never followed through on completing! It may just alter your mindset. I hope you all are doing well! Although I have been extremely busy, I've made it a point to keep my Instagram (@lostbutntfound) updated on all of my adventures abroad. Make sure you follow-- another exciting venture awaits me this coming weekend! xoxo Isabelle 

Laggo di Lugano, Bellinzona, & Milan for the Day | Week 2

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     As I was preparing to write this post, while taking advantage of the speedy library wifi (after completing an essay, of course), I decided to look back at my first post here. My "First Glimpse" roundup of photos evokes a sense of wanderlust and travel galore, just as these images from a day on the lake, a festival in Bellinzona, and a day spent in Milan do. The difference, however, is the adult summer camp feeling that I described in my last post has diminished, and academics have replaced that sense of relaxation. Of course, I am still in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains and peaks, and I am eager to travel near and far, but one can't deny the fact that the stresses of school work and life can sometimes spoil what could otherwise the adventure of your lifetime. Instead of trying to suppress such feelings, I've realized that you need to acknowledge such sentiments, and work to improve the situation for yourself. While none of these pictures relay the fatigue of the school week, I think it is important to note that you can't/don't have to be 100% all of the time, no matter where you are. Even if people talk of the great time it seems you're having, it is normal if this notion does not reflect your truth. I've realized through my previous experiences living abroad that it is ok to not be ok, as cliché as it is, and that you'll have both positive and negative occurrences, just as you do at home. 

      Yesterday morning, I did a sunrise hike with my school's Alpine club which allowed me time for reflection, appreciation, and gratitude. My mantra during those 2 hours was "she believed she could so she did", which I think is something important to remind yourself when you feel alone. I'll be doing a whole post with photos and more on that adventure very soon! xx Isabelle 
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