A Week in Switzerland | First Glimpse

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     It probably won't come as a surprise to those of you who've previously studied abroad, but I have only been gone for a week which has felt like several jam-packed months. Most of this past first week has felt like an adult summer camp, with orientation activities including a tour of town, a delicious gelato truck, and a trip on a bus to the Valle Verzasca. From a million introductions and exchanges with new classmates to my first day of college classes today (ahhh!), it has been overwhelming but most definitely exciting. It is hard to believe that it was only one week ago that I embarked on my next adventure abroad, having mini-freakout as I walked through JFK airport all by myself. Admittedly, I was on the fence when I first arrived...it didn't seem like college was quite my speed or that being here was right for me. However, with time, I am slowly adjusting and will hopefully learn to manage my work load. I had four classes today, and I have too many syllabi to read in one evening. But it doesn't hurt one bit that I am surrounded by such beautiful scenery! We are just a short, but (beyond) treacherous walk on an incline away from the lake and downtown Lugano. My friends and I have been exploring, finding ourselves on the free beach by this garden and grabbing dinner in town for a change from the dining hall at school. I, of course, always have my camera in tow, and I have been having a blast snapping away as I explore this area. The funny thing, however, is that within a month, the beautiful scenery will feel so commonplace. Just as living in France became my "new-normal", seeing mountains outside through the windows of my room will be ordinary. Hopefully I'll be able to say the same about tackling college courses! 

Even though I am abroad and living out an amazing experience, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to blog about it. My schooling in Switzerland starkly contrasts from that of France, especially because I am now in college taking much more difficult courses. However, I will definitely be back for photo roundups as they accumulate. Keep checking this space for updates! Thank you all for following my explorations. xoxo Isabelle 

What to Wear This Fall | Warby Parker X Kill Screen

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     As you guys know, I am always on the hunt for the coolest new collaboration. I think it is really special when two companies can come together to produce something totally unique, all thanks to a collaborative effort. I was recently contacted by Warby Parker, and was asked if I wanted to help announce their latest project with Kill Screen, a major video game arts and culture company. In addition to creating a totally free video game, Warby Parker X Kill Screen is releasing a limited-edition pair of glasses in the popular Burke frame, featuring an embossed Kill Screen logo in their signature red. While I don't wear prescription glasses, I like that this exclusive pair can even serve as an additional accessory because of its simplicity. If you want to check out Warby Parker's other frames, click here to see them all! 

      I thought it would be fun to style a couple of outfits around this new collaboration, including splashes of red to tie in the color on the glasses. Both companies believe in embracing the unexpected and letting loose, and I think these looks perfectly embody that state of mind. Tell me in a comment which look is your favorite, and how you would wear the Burke frame in Glacier Grey. xoxo Isabelle 

Heart Breaker

[click for product details] 

      This first look is definitely the dressier of the two, but it can easily be taken from day to night. While my favorite elements are those dressier pieces (the strappy heels, patent-leather bag, etc), this outfit can totally be paired with a pair of sneakers, like those used in the second look. More importantly, each item above is a wardrobe staple in and of itself, as they're all versatile for fall attire. I can't get over how cool this denim jacket is, from the font to the pairing of the pink and red for the text, which goes perfectly with the Warby Parker X Kill Screen glasses. I know how fall can be quite fickle in nature, so I went with a knit top, which can keep you marginally warm when it's too hot to wear the jacket, but too cold to just be sporting a short-sleeve top. 

Coffee Run

       Although I aspire to dress in the style of the first look, I'll admit that I'd go for this second outfit without hesitancy (heels are not my thing, as much as I'd like them to be). Pieces like leather jackets and black high-waisted skirts are just so easy going, and can be transformed based on what style you're feeling that day. The best part of this set is that you can wear it through the winter, just adding knit tights to keep warm. Where this outfit shines most, though, is the accessories. The clothing alone isn't too exciting, but the red cross-body, printed scarf, and black and white sneakers add some pizzazz to an otherwise boring outfit.     


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Wearing:// Dress:c/o Light in The Box, Jacket: Aritzia, Shoes: Chanel (Dolce Vita Booties), Earrings: Francesca's 

      I wholeheartedly think that, whether they know it or not, all people have a "go-to" look. As much as you try to spice up your wardrobe or try out a new style, there will always be one or two combinations that feel so 'you', that you can't imagine wearing anything else. For me, a quintessential Isabelle outfit consists of my leather jacket and ankle booties. It doesn't quite matter what I wear along with those pieces, as long as I've got my black closet staples on and ready to go. I also like to think that my leather jacket makes me seem more edgy than I am, so that probably has something to do with my penchant for that piece.

      Because both my jacket and my booties are black, I use the main part of my outfit to add some color (but real talk, I only wear black & white most of the time). I recently received this lovely ruby red dress c/o of Light in The Box, and I think that it'll be perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. Dresses are my go-to easy pieces, especially because you can easily add tights to really take them from season to season. 

     I feel like I've exhausted myself of my banter regarding how much I hate packing, so I won't bore you guys with the details of my lack of progress. Let's just say that I've got random pictures printed for my room and some flash cards, and that's about it. I leave in three days...#prayforisabelle. One of my next posts will be written from Switzerland, probably including first impression snapshots! Stay tuned. xx Isabelle 


NYC for the Weekend

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      And...the week countdown to Switzerland has begun! Somehow, my three month long summer has dwindled down to just seven days. I wish I could tell you what I did this summer, but it would be a little travel and a whole lot of doing nothing productive. I am certain that this last week will consist of me scrambling to stuff my life into two suitcases, finishing up last minute projects, and prepping for an unpredictable semester ahead of me. But, before this week of insanity, we decided to take one last trip to New York.  The summary of this weekend goes a little like this-- food, seeking air conditioning, more food, old friends, bridge traversing, more food, and more air conditioning. It was a weekend like none other in terms of heat, but we made the most of it by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, venturing over to Smorgasburg (where most of the "food" took place) and the Meatball Shop. I will continuously say that I leave the city in a food coma after seeing my sister. 

 I wanted to quickly remind you all to follow me on Instagram @lostbutnotfound to follow my second round of adventures abroad! Switzerland, here we come. xoxo Isabelle  


Lately | JB Concert & Week in Miami

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      Even though I have spent most of this summer at home, I had a few trips and adventures to look forward to in July. I was able to attend the Justin Bieber concert (with Post Malone as an opener!) with my sister, and then I spent a much needed week away in Miami, where we explored the Wynwood area that I love so much and hung out with a tiger at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. I just wanted to share a quick photo update with you all-- I hope you guys are enjoying the end of the summer. I leave for school in just 12 days. I can't believe it! Talk to you all soon. xoxo Isabelle 

Four Years of LBNF & Studying Abroad (Again?!)

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Wearing:// Top: Urban Outfitters, Pants: Aritzia 

     Just a little bit over four years ago, I was a 14-year-old soon to be freshman in high school who decided to start a fashion blog. I vividly remember discovering the Youtube beauty community, quickly realizing that making videos at boarding school would be difficult, and deciding to go with blogging. I invited my best friend, Allison, over and we sat at my computer to brainstorm possible names. At some point, I arrived at Lost But Not Found, and soon after published my first post. Since then, I have grown approximately 3 inches, worked with brands and sponsors, learned how to dress myself (better), expanded my wardrobe as a fashion blogger does, been on the front page of TeenVogue.com, and more importantly, connected with readers around the world. While four years of doing anything is a feat in and of itself, I've always known that this post and this milestone of my 4 year blogging anniversary would signify the end of my high school career, and a new beginning, with me leaving for college in just a few short weeks. 

     I know that many of you discovered my blog through Teen Vogue way back when...or you found me on StumbleUpon just today. Either way, there's a good group of you who followed me through my unforgettable School Year Abroad in France as a junior in high school. This probably won't come as a surprise to many of you, but I am extremely excited to let you guys know that I am going back to Europe for my first semester of college! Before going to USC in January, I will be attending university in Switzerland from August to December. You know what that means-- an influx of photos and wanderlust travel plans are on the way! I can't wait to share all of my adventures in a foreign country with you, and to document my transition to college life, both in Switzerland and Los Angeles. Thanks for reading if you got this far into the post! I'll be back with another post soon. xoxo Isabelle 

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