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Wearing:// Dress: Urban Outfitters, Sunnies: Céline, Shoes: Jack Rogers, Bag: Gucci, Nails: Essie "Bikini So Teeny" 

     As many of you guys know, I went away to boarding school at age 14. That experience taught me many lessons about life, academics, and myself, but most of all, it made me realize that I am meant to travel. While most would rejoice in time at home, I find what I consider to be my lack of productivity in relaxing at home to be taxing. It's not that I would rather be in school, but I just need to find a distraction or go on a new adventure. Moreover, I spent this past week in Miami seeking a "rejuvenation" of sorts in the Florida sunshine and the Miami art scene. As I wrote in this Instagram picture caption, just walking around the Wynwood area, with the changing murals and quirky art on the ground, makes me so increidbly happy. I guess it's just the creative side of me that loves taking in all of the vibrant colors and the stories being told through the paintings. I encourage you all to find a place, activity, or even a song that lights you up and reminds you of what you have yet to discover on adventures to come in your life. 

     For this outing, I went more for light + airy rather than fashionable and potentially weighing-down pieces. The last time I came to the Wynwood Art District was in February, and I can tell you wholeheartedly that the Miami sun is about 1000x stronger right now. I've been loving this dress from Urban Outfitters lately (I even got it another color!) because it's so easy for hot summer days. Basic pieces like this are ideal because you can maximize on the accessories and create an endless amount of different looks. 

     While I am not so happy to be leaving Miami tomorrow, I am looking forward to finding other places through college and beyond that, like Wynwood, make me *so* content. I hope you all are having a wonderful evening/day! xoxo Isabelle 


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Wearing:// Dress: c/o Light in the Box, Shoes: Les Tropeziennes, Earrings: Francesca's (Triangle Drop Earrings)  

It's funny-- it feels like it was just yesterday that I was donning red, white, and blue for July 4th, wondering what this month would bring. Now it is nearly August, and I can tell you that all I've done this month is yoga, random arts n crafts, read many books by the pool, and attend a Justin Bieber concert. Normally, this lack of productivity that contrasts my life during the school year would absolutely kill me (not saying I'd like summer reading...), but I've kinda been enjoying my lax schedule. I'm anticipating heaps of stress for my first year of college, so being able to sporadically decided to go to the beach or shoot an outfit post is convenient. 

I received this lovely dress from Light in the Box a week or so ago, and it's safe to say that I'm in love. Admittedly, items that I receive from sponsors a) usually are not of the best quality and b) end up collecting dust in my closet. This dress, however, looks just like a Free People dress and I cannot wait to wear it out and about. If you're interested in purchasing it, I would recommend sizing up for the length aspect.

As I mentioned, I've been kind of relaxing lately. That being said, what would you like to see more of on the blog? With my 4 year blogging anniversary coming up (and an exciting announcement in that post!), I'm trying to rethink my blog and what it's all about while I have the time. Let me know your thoughts! Talk soon. xoxo Isabelle 

Adventures in Japan | Tokyo

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[Meiji Shrine Inner Garden]
[Shibuya Crossing]  
[Sake barrels at the Meiji Shrine] 
[Hangin' out at a cat café]
[The famous Harajuku area] 
[Santa Monica Crepes in Harajuku] 
[Senso-ji Temple]
[Senso-ji Temple]
[Tsukiji fish market]

      Among all of the cities we visited in Japan, Tokyo was by far the busiest. It was rare that we weren't brushing elbows with strangers, and moments of serenity were only found in our hotel room. While I love cities like New York and Los Angeles, there was something overwhelming about Tokyo. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed discovering the myriad different areas around the city and eating deliciousness along the way. On one of our first days in Japan, we accidentally came across the Meiji Shrine, which was outfitted with beautiful flowers and numerous Sake barrels. I snuck pictures like the first in this post, and admired the beauty of the newly blooming flowers. Aside from temples and shrines, Tokyo brought something different to the table-- a cat café! While cats aren't my favorite animal, sipping on a cappuccino while petting these fluffy cats was something I'll never forget. 

And...that's the last of my Japan coverage! I discovered that I just flat out didn't edit my photos from the last 4 days of the trip, so here we are. Sorry about that! I'm going to keep this post short, because I've got a long to-do list that I've been avoiding like none other.

At the end of July, it'll be my four year blogging anniversary, and I have a big announcement that I'll be making in that post. Stay tuned! xoxo Isabelle 

Adventures in Japan (Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima) | Go Pro Video Diary

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      Hey guys! As you would know from reading my blog & following my Instagram (@lostbutntfound), I spent two weeks in June traveling around Japan. While I spent most of my time photographing, I did get some Go Pro footage and decided to make this little video! My sim card ran out of space at the end of the trip, which is a bummer, but here's a video compilation of the majority of the trip. I hope you enjoy it! xoxo Isabelle 

What I Wore: Tokyo

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Wearing:// Top: Aritzia, Pants: Japan (Wilfred Pants), Shoes: Nike, Bag: Louis Vuitton (Saint Laurent Bag), Lips: Posie K (Kylie Cosmetics) 

     Since traveling to Japan, I've undergone quite a few appearance based changes-- experimentation with new Japanese trends, a much needed hair cut, rare days spent wearing flip flops instead of white sneakers, and most notably, a chubby/swollen post-wisdom teeth face. One of my favorite things about traveling to new places is noting fashion trends, and taking what I like and incorporating it into my day to day style. I think everyone can't help but remember the middle school gaucho trend that we all wore with pride, and these pants bring back all of those memories, but in a chic, more mature fashion. While you won't see me sporting this look around my starkly suburban town, whenever I'm back in New York, I can see myself reaching for this simple yet unique outfit. Walking around the overwhelmingly crowded streets of Tokyo, I felt like myself as I strutted 'round in my extremely worn out Stan Smith's and these gratifyingly flowy pants. 

Due to the go-go-go nature of our trip, we didn't have time to take formal outfit pictures to my dismay. And, to no avail, my face has resembled a square shaped squirrel for the past week, hurting like none other when I'm just trying to eat anything, so I've been lounging around in some very stylish sweats. Now all I have are some videos I do not remember being captured & my family making fun of my loopy mannerisms to hallmark my wisdom teeth removal. How wonderful! Luckily, my face is back to normal and I'm going to the Justin Bieber concert next week-- aka I can stalk him and meet him while looking normal...jk...hopefully. I hope you guys are doing better than I have been and that all of my fellow Americans had a fun fourth of July! I'll talk to you guys soon. xoxo 

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