Wynwood Vibes

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Wearing:// Top: LF Sale, Skirt: LF Sale, Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Sunnies: Céline 
     To those who know me, I rarely sport sweat pants or sweatshirts outside of the house/dorm-- it's just not in my DNA. That's not to say that I shun anyone who dresses comfortably, but I am always trying to find comfort in the "fashionable". During my long weekend in Miami, I stopped by the LF sale and dug my hands into the depths of the clothing piles, leaving with a few key pieces. For some reason, I have always been in NYC or Miami during LF's sale season; I really do wonder what it must look like during the normal, most likely slower times. Anyway, I scored this ribbed stripe top and leather skirt, which I paired with my new Adidas Stan Smith sneakers for our day trip to the Wynwood walls. I initially had hoped to find a white-out outfit in spirit of the colorful and beautiful murals, however I quite liked how the patterns contrast against each other. Walking around the Wynwood Art Districts in the Miami Heat, I felt extremely comfortable in this outfit, whilst keeping up with the Miami style scene. Standing in front of these walls, posing and admiring the artistry, I was reminded of the East Side Gallery in Berlin, where I visited around this time last year. There's something about this publicly displayed creativity, alike pop-up museums and art, which makes me so serendipitous each time I see it. 
I have gotten questions on Tumblr recently asking me about how the college process is going and everything-- I have gotten a couple of acceptances but am still waiting on the majority of decisions, which I will be getting late March early April. I will be sure to update you guys once I actually know where I'll be next year...I'm also rather curious as to where that'll be! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'm not sure when new content will be rolling out, but look forward to coverage from my spring break trip to San Francisco early March! xoxo Isabelle
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