Sweetest Devotion + Contest Finalist?!

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Wearing:// Sweater: Madewell, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Steve Madden, Lips: Ruby Woo

     My Valentine's day at home started like any other day away from school-- with dream-like breakfast sandwiches and steaming, seemingly bottomless cups of coffee. I practically sprung out of bed and put on this outfit in anticipation of a breakfast date with friends, especially eager to see and chat with my cronies. We went to a local café and sat for about an hour or two, as my best friend Allison explained her dinner plans with her boyfriend while I passed off my evening out with my parents as equally as enticing (just kidding, love you 'rents). Anyway, the day felt even more in the spirit of delicate things and love and whatnot because I was wearing my new favorite tie-up shoes from Steve Madden. Despite chanting "beauty is pain!" in my head most times I've worn them, they are too cute to just reside in my closet. Although the intricate detailing of the shoes (or the "complexity", as my math teacher said) is better appreciated without tights, I like how they created a streamlined appearance for this outfit. I also recently went for the chop out of a need for change, and I really like the contrast of my black turtleneck against my shorter 'do, paired with the subtle pattern on my skirt. How did you guys spend Valentine's day? xoxo Isabelle 

If you couldn't tell from my "wild" weekend at home, things have been pretty stagnant in my life with school and such...not that that's necessarily a bad thing. I'm glad to see that February is also over, though, as just last week I was beginning to think that it would never end. 

I do have one exciting announcement, however; I was recently notified that I am a finalist in the 2016 National Geographic Student Expeditions Photo Contest! My parents and I had to sign some fancy legal release form and now I can't stop using the "but I'm a Nat Geo finalist" plug with my parents in any and all situations. I'm such a nuisance sometimes, haha.

In addition to the final round of judging, which will determine the top three grand-prize winners, I will now move on to the People's Choice social media contest. The Nat Geo rep will be letting me know once the People's Choice contest is live and organized, and if you guys like my picture as well, I hope you'll vote for me! I'll let you know when it is up and running. Thanks for your continued support. 

UPDATE: The "People's Choice" element of the contest is now live! Go vote for my image by clicking here, pressing the "People's Choice" side-bar button, scrolling down a little and voting for "Dolls". You can vote everyday until the end of the month on different devices. Thanks everyone!! 

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