Walking in the Wind

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Wearing:// Top: Madewell, Jacket: Barbour, Pants: Madewell, Boots: Minelli (Dolce Vita Boot)

I would be lying if I said that I was embarrassed that my past two post titles have been direct One Direction references. I didn't choose the 1D fan life, it chose me, okay? Anyway, this outfit is a rare instance in which I let "preppy Isabelle" come to the surface. J Crew and Made-well dressed Isabelle isn't so bad, I suppose. If you didn't know, I attend a boarding school with a business-like dress code which is pretty much this outfit, give or take a blazer and dress pants. In the late fall and winter, button down flannels are essential to my wardrobe, because they're so easy to throw on with a cozy sweater overtop. I recently purchased this very warm jacket as well, which quite possibly everyone at my school owns- I conformed to the trend, you could say. The hype is valid, though, because it really is a good jacket for anyone living on the East coast or somewhere that gets chilly. Even though it was borderline "hot" the other day, we all know just how cold it can get in New Jersey during the winter. 

As I write this post, I am avoiding all responsibility (not that I have many- it's break after all) and watching The Polar Express. Thanksgiving break ends tomorrow, with Winter break thankfully a shy 2 weeks away. This break was consumed by college apps, holiday celebrations, and heaps of aimless College Confidential scrolling sessions. Let's just say college is making me go insane...In order to not obsess over my potentially college-less future (exaggerating), I plan on soaking up the holidays, whether it's our schools Secret Santa exchange or scrumptious holiday cookies. Say yes to anything chocolate and gift-giving! xoxo Isabelle 

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