Senior Year + Fall Shenanigans

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  If you didn't know, a few weeks ago, I began my senior year of high school. Somehow, despite each year passing having felt like an eternity, we are finally entering our last year before college. The past few weeks have been beyond busy; our classes are moving at full force, college app deadlines are approaching, and my tennis matches have been frequent. After going abroad for a year, the "transition back" wasn't as difficult as I thought when it came to our community, but more so academically. When I was in France, my only AP course was French, which was really the whole point of being at SYA. However, this year, my schedule is full of required courses and difficult subjects like AP Euro, and it has been someone stressful managing all of my work. At this point, I just want to be into college already. That being said, the weekend is optimal time to try and de-stress, so I went apple picking with some of my friends this weekend since I had an away match all of yesterday. Our school actually has a decent selection of activities to participate in, and this outing seemed very fall-ish (fall fever is in FULL force). After picking up some random apples and sampling them, we tried some of the farm's delicious apple cider and apple pie- the only word for the pie is yum. I always enjoy going off campus, and this activity was a nice escape for my friends and me from the stress of school and college. 

 I'm not quite sure when my next post will be as I am cooped up at school until October 10th for parents weekend, and until then, I will be hitting the books and taking the SAT. That being said, follow me on my social media @lostbutntfound to see what's going on with me! xoxo Isabelle 

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