Arabella | How to Transition a Summer Dress

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Wearing:// Dress: Urban Outfitters (on sale!), Cardigan: Aritzia, Shoes: Chanel (Hawkings Leather Chelsea Boot), Necklace: Denim Habit (UO Feather Necklace), Lips: 'Rebel' by M.A.C. 

         At the sight of dropping temperatures and brisker mornings (with heat following not long after), you'll see me with a French vanilla coffee in hand, pulling out all of my parkas, cardigans, and booties- basically anything and everything fall. After an extremely long and hot summer, I somehow always wake up one day in September craving chilly mornings and hot coffee. I can't tell you of one time that I had hot coffee this summer- after being deprived of iced coffee delicacies while in France, I committed myself to getting the Starbucks 'cold brew' at least three times a week in July and August. While I may be back at school with a business-like dress code and not tons of room for fall styling, I still wanted to get to posting fall outfits as soon as possible. I've had this cardigan from Aritzia in my closet since before I even went to France, but have never found the perfect way to style it. I also purchased this midi dress from Urban Outfitters this summer, and have found it to be an asset to my closet. However, it has spaghetti style straps, so it may seem like it could only work in the summer time. But, when you combine this midi dress with this cape-cardigan-comfy-blanket thing, you have the perfect fall look (and an excuse to break out those Chelsea boots you've been missing since last year)! How would you style a midi dress for fall? 

Today marks the end of my 'last' first week of high school. Boy, was that a mouth full. Whoever said that senior year was a breeze was either taking very easy classes or an extremely good manager of his or her time. We've only had four days of classes, and I've already had an in-class essay, read two long articles related to summer reading, and have a math quiz on Monday. Senior year is coming at all of us with full force, but it is still rather exciting. At my school, we have a lot of senior exclusive privileges, like 6th Form Coffee with the faculty, no lights out (!!), later check-in time, and special Chapel seating. While I can tell that College Apps and classes themselves are going to make this Fall difficult, there is still always something to look forward to. Hope you guys had a good first week! Tell me about in a comment below. xoxo Isabelle 

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