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During the summer, my friend Emma of iEmma Fashion  tagged me and other bloggers to do the 10 Beauty Facts and Secrets post. I normally talk more about fashion and travel on Lost But Not Found, so I thought a personal beauty post could be interesting! Comment below with one of your unique or quirky beauty habits. xoxo Isabelle 

1. I don't always wear mascara, but when I do, it is for color and to define my lashes. My all time favorite mascara has to be the bareMinerals 'Flawless Definition' mascara. I am lucky to have naturally long eyelashes (thanks Dad!!), which makes finding a non-clumping mascara crucial. This product elongates your lashes without putting an excessive amount of product on,  which would then create dreaded "spider" look. Highly recommend! 

2. I am a lipstick fiend- yet I only wear the same ones on rotation. When I first got into watching Youtube beauty vloggers, I went a bit crazy with the makeup buying, and soon had every product in existence. Among that haul was a surplus of MAC lipsticks that I had heard about online. While I have thrown out quite a bit of makeup over the years that I just didn't use anymore, I have kept most of my lipsticks. I'm the type of person that throws on a swipe of EOS lip balm and then MAC's 'Lustering' lipstick, and then I'm good to go. Despite it coming off not long after application, I love the look of lipstick even if it is just for a little while. 

3. I am a huge fan of Vanessa Hudgens and Blake Lively's makeup looks on the red carpet- they both often wear more golden tones with some glitter, which makes them look like straight up Greek goddesses. #goals

4. I get my nails done pretty often for shaping and cleaning them up, but I'm actually quite good at painting nails. Growing up, we would always have sleepovers at my house, and I'd be the one doing everyone's hair, makeup, and nails in the corner. I used to really want to be a beautician- it can be quite fun! Along the same lines, I did two of my friends' hair and makeup for prom. 

5. My eyebrows are probably the most maintained aspect of my beauty regime. I've always had the same lady do my eyebrows ever since middle school, but when I was in 7th grade (I think), she wasn't in and some other lady did them instead- you can imagine where this story is going. I left the salon with lines for eyebrows and a crushed soul. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but it seriously took me forever to get my brows back to normal. 

6. Something else that I discovered through the beauty community is the Beauty Blender makeup sponge.  While I do apply foundation with clean hands, I prefer this damp sponge for concealer and blending everything together. It creates a clean finish that doesn't appear too cake-y. 

7. I rarely ever curl my hair, unless I have a special occasion or a blog post to do. The last time I curled my hair for something other than a blog related post or event was Halloween my sophomore year. My hair is rather thick, so curling it takes forever, and it doesn't hold very well once done. 

8. The fall of my sophomore year, my hair got crazy crazy long (see picture). Something in my sparked me to chop it all off during the winter, and now it has become a sort of annual affair. Last winter, I got a decent amount of hair cut off while I was in France, and it's looking like I'll be continuing the cycle this year as well! It's a nice arrangement, as it allows you to have long hair for the summer, and a sophisticated cut for the winter and early spring. 

9. I use the same shampoo and conditioner for ages on end, without remembering that I should switch it up from time to time. Lately, I've been a fan of the Organix brand, and more specifically, the Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner. It makes my hair very silky and luscious; plus, it has a great scent and the product doesn't make my hair too oily. I follow that with some Moroccan Oil once I get out the shower once my hair is slightly dry. 

10. Last but not least, I often apply my face makeup and then my eye makeup, without remembering to do the reverse. Not that it really matters, but if I am wearing eyeshadow, it is usually from the Naked 1 palette. That being said, this palette has mostly shimmery shadows that have a bit of fall out. It is more ideal to do your eye makeup first so that you can wipe the excess off of your face, but I usually forget this useful makeup hack. 

Thanks for reading! Hope this was interesting. Talk soon! 
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