Summer's End | Snaps of Summer 2015

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Last summer, I did a post somewhat summarizing the best aspects of Summer 2014, through photos and short musings. There's no denying that this summer has been one of my most enjoyable and productive summers yet- I spent these past two months working at the SAT, adjusting back after studying abroad in France, and hanging out with my great group of friends from home; and, of course, traveling a TON. It's always fun to look back on posts like this, especially when I'm wallowing in my school misery, so I thought I'd make it an annual thing. I hope you like seeing a glimpse into what I've been up to! What did you love about this summer? Can't wait to hear your thoughts! xoxo Isabelle

nyc summers end

Not too long after I got back from France, my family had another getaway planned for the beginning of June. When we went to Italy about 4 years ago, just my sister, my mom, and me, we met another family that we sort of really bonded with. We met up with them last year in DC, so another get-together was in order. My sister recently moved to the city, therefore we made it a point to visit her apartments and explore a bit during our weekend together. I have always loved New York, but something new to me that I enjoyed were the mirrors in Madison Square Park. A photographer's dream! Otherwise, we did some expected shopping and tons of excessive but totally necessary eating. 

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With senior year quickly approaching  this summer was crucial for me in preparing for the stress that awaits me at school (can you tell how excited I am!!). Beside cracking the SAT with a tutor all summer long, I also did some college visits alongside trying to decode the enigma that is the Common App. This summer, I made it out to William & Mary in Virginia and Boston College in Massachusetts. They're both such beautiful schools! In addition to making advancements in the college process, I also am now a licensed driver!! Shockingly enough, I got my license to drive despite having not practiced for the entire school year. At first, I wasn't too keen on driving, but I think I've gotten the hang of it through experience and making killer Spotify playlists. 

summers end
summers end provence paris

Despite having spent the year there, France couldn't keep me away for long. My mom and I have always wanted to go to the south of France, and during my time abroad, I never made it on a train down to Provence and Marseille. At the end of June, we went to Provence and were based in Saint Rémy for our stay, but traveled around to places like Cassis, Gordes, Les Baux de Provence, and near Nice. Speaking French again felt wonderful, and I loved getting to explore a new part of a country that felt like home. We spent a few days in sweltering hot Paris after taking the train from the South- we went from sunflower fields and rolling lavender beds to the serenity of the Seine on a hot summer night. 
friends end of summer

Last but not least, this was a summer filled with friends and unforgettable memories, for a variety of reasons. This was the first summer that any of my friends had their licenses, so we got to experience that form of freedom in getting dinner whenever we felt like it and venturing to the beach at the last minute. Spending the year away from my childhood friends was strange, but I was greeted with a welcome home party and summer plans upon arrival. Keeping my friendships with people at home throughout my boarding school experience was the best decision I made, because once high school ends (this coming year!!), I know I'll still have these girls who are there for me no matter what. Love you guys!! S/O to those of you who read my blog. xx 

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