Gloucester Outlets Blogger Party

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    One thing that I haven't done as much as I'd like to during my blogging career is attend events. Most PR parties are held in New York for the cream of the crop type bloggers (one day, one day), and so I've just never been in that mix. About a two weeks ago or so, I was invited to attend the opening of the Gloucester Outlets in Blackwood NJ. The only outlets I've ever been to are by my school, which aren't so great, and the okay ones in Atlantic City. I was allowed to bring a plus one, so my mom drove my friend Allison and me (expressway driving is not my thing) around 45 minutes to the site. Upon arrival, we were amazed by all of the people and the turnout. Walking to the VIP Shopper's Lounge, we were in awe as we saw big names like Nike and J.Crew and deals for the books. Standing awkwardly on the red carpet outside the lounge, we took some pictures and felt like celebrities for at least 10 seconds as people stared at us in confusion and intrigue. Inside, we were treated to beverages, a psychic who analyzed our drawings of trees and told us our life stories , sweet $wag bags, and a photo booth, which Allison and I frequented. Getting to chat with some of the other bloggers and spend the night with my best friend felt so perfect. Once we had taken too many pictures in the photo booth and were given a tour of the area, we went out into the masses to enjoy the entertainment and tons of shopping. Thanks again to Samantha at Karma Agency for inviting me! xoxo Isabelle 

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