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evening lights august playlist
      Even when I'm up until inhumane hours of the morning listening to music, I still tell myself that getting Spotify was a good idea. I'm only slightly kidding. That being said, I bring to you today my August playlist! It has a rather good mix while not having too much randomness, from Blackbear to Zella Day (new album!!) all the way to Alt-J. I hope this playlist gives you some good new tunes to jam out to! Here's the Spotify link to it - As for my Netflix faves, here they are:

 Le Chef- In order to keep up with my French, I've been watching French movies, and this is one I found in the international section. It's basically an underdog kind of story, where the main character gets to work with one of the top chefs in Paris, whilst trying to support his family. Definitely not the best movie I've ever seen, but it's pretty good for a French film. You can watch it with English subtitles if you'd like. 

The Carrie Diaries- There's no doubt that I watched this show religiously on TV  before it was cancelled, and then was crushed when it got the cut after only two seasons. I started re-watching it a few days ago, and I'm already almost done with the series....again. I can't say enough good of this show- every episode just get's better and better, which makes watching 10 episodes at once very easy to do. Carrie Bradshaw is everything I want to be and more. GO WATCH IT!! 

Yves Saint Laurent- Another French film, but a different type of feel. This movie follows a summary of YSL's life, which I didn't know too much about. You get to see more about how his influence in the fashion world came to be, through many struggles. If you liked the Coco Avant Chanel movie, which is about the impoverished life of Coco Chanel, you'll enjoy this film. 

Clueless- The ultimate classic of a movie, Clueless is up there in my favorite movie list, along with 10 Things I Hate About You and Never Been Kissed. Clueless trails the glamorous life of Cher and her friends, while Cher figures out her love interest in her step-brother and high school in general. Such a great movie for a girl's night or even just a "me" day. 

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