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            Wearing:// Dress: Free People, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Lips: M.A.C. "Lustering" 

      Of everything our trip to the south of France could entail, my mom and my's excitement was geared towards the famed lavender fields. Our first few days spent in Saint Rémy, we did some exploring (and getting terribly lost) in between croissants and baguettes. One day, we went to the hospital where Van Gogh created a lot of his work while a patient there, and we discovered all of this lavender in the back of the site. When I say we went back more than once, I'm not kidding- you do what you gotta do for the perfect picture, haha. Anyway, this lavender beauty felt so perfect with my Free People sundress, my little boat hat, and some loose curls. These pictures don't quite do the location justice. This trip to Provence was so wonderful, in that we got to discover a place my mom and I both had never been. In that moment, with strangers looking at me strangely and the sun shining down on my sunscreen lathered skin, everything seemed to pause for just a minute. Surrounded by unreal looking & smelling flowers, it didn't seem like reality. There's nothing quite like the summer. 

Speaking of photos, if you follow me on Instagram, you would've seen that I mentioned an upcoming photo project. I've been working on my very own photography portfolio/website for the past week or so, and it's finally live! Click here to see some of my work. Thank you guys for keeping up with all of my projects! Love y'all xoxo Check this space soon for more photo diaries & outfits from my trip! 

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