June Favorites + My Skin Care Tips

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Every once in a while, I like to do favorites posts to share with you guys what random things I've been liking lately! I'll be adding other items (not pictured) because I took these photos while away in France and was not equipped with all of my things. Leave a comment with what you've been liking lately! 

Jalouse Magazine: One thing that I can say confidently is that France has a way better selection of magazines than the US does. Many magazines I've seen floating around the Tumblr-sphere but never had luck finding are readily available at the Tabac next door in Paris. Before leaving France, I discovered this magazine, which is quite similar to Nylon, but it has more of a balance of editorials and text. I love the spreads in this magazine, and the fashion combined with the photography is so inspiring. I had to get this issue mostly because Bella Hadid was on the cover, and well, yeah. That's the only reason why! Haha. The content is great this month though, and if you're looking to practice some French, try to get your hands on it! 

Urban Outfitters Boater Hat:  If you've been keeping up with my instagram (@lostbutntfound), you would see my sporting this hat...well, ALOT. The South of France heat was quite powerful, and the only things protecting my face were some sunscreen and this hat or my floppy hat. While I will admit that I wore a NYU Mom baseball cap some days (don't ask), on the less humid days I wore this hat with adorable sundresses and felt a bit like Maria Rainer out of the Sound of Music. 

Neutrogena Clear Face + Tarteguard Sunscreen: Oscar Health Insurance and I are teaming up on this favorite to inform all of you about skin safety this summer! I've always had very fair skin, and have been constantly warned by my family/doctor to stay out of the sun. However, when everyone is lounging on the beach all summer long, it is hard to abide by that tip. To keep my self protected from the sun, I pack on my variety of sunscreens and throw on a cute floppy or boat hat. In addition to taking these precautions, it is important to be knowledgeable when it comes to skin cancer. Oscar Health Insurance has a readily available team of nurses and healthcare experts to answer any of your questions, like what foods can help with getting your vitamin D fix.

Gopro Hero 4 Around the time of spring break and my birthday, I got a Gopro Hero 4 Black edition and have been using it constantly ever since! I've always used my DSLR for videos and photography, but the Gopro adds a whole other element with the under water component. The quality is pretty amazing for it's size, and it's very practical for when you're on the go. I wouldn't recommend everyone get one as they're quite expensive, unless you know you'd use it often. My friends and I have been loving using it so far this summer and I can't wait to see what cool shots we get in the future! 

G-Eazy (These Things Happen / Tumblr Girls): As I have mentioned in the past, I go through sporadic music phases- from country to hard core rap, my music taste can be all over the place. Lately, I have been taking a liking to The Weeknd and G-Eazy. I love G-Eazy's music for the powerful lyrics and it's spin on your typical rap through a less "aggressive" tone. I'm not sure if any of that made sense, but go have a listen for your self! 

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