Chasing Cars // June Playlist

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       While collecting photos for this month's playlist (this may or may not become a monthly thing btw), I sprung an idea involving "Chasing Cars". During my recent trip to New York with my mom, we were standing on my sister's apartment building's rooftop, and each side of the area provided a different view of this multifaceted city. On my left sat the practically endless NYC skyline, which trickled back into the faint fog of that June morning. Cars roared pass as we looked down upon the almost minuscule modes of transportation, making us feel larger than life. On my right was a skyline that was in a way more tangible, with the buildings seeming within arm's length. It was almost as if I could touch the Empire State Building, which resembled something of Lego stature, from where we stood. These songs resemble that feeling of being small yet powerful in any way, for no matter what reason. This playlist was formed with the intentions of evoking such emotions that a spin along the hustling + bustling streets of New York City would bring along. Click here  to have a listen! Enjoy. xoxo
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