Taylor Swift Concert // #1989Philly

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         A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Taylor Swift 1989 concert in Philly at Lincoln Financial Field- it was so much fun! I took tons of pictures, as well as a video that I thought I'd share with you all. I've actually had this video done for quite some time, but have been having tons annoying audio issues with iMovie. Plus, Youtube is being annoying and decided to take it down...so annoying. Ugh- I hope you guys enjoy these pictures anyway. Have a great day. xoxo


Chasing Cars // June Playlist

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nyc playlist first pic
june music
songs 2 june
       While collecting photos for this month's playlist (this may or may not become a monthly thing btw), I sprung an idea involving "Chasing Cars". During my recent trip to New York with my mom, we were standing on my sister's apartment building's rooftop, and each side of the area provided a different view of this multifaceted city. On my left sat the practically endless NYC skyline, which trickled back into the faint fog of that June morning. Cars roared pass as we looked down upon the almost minuscule modes of transportation, making us feel larger than life. On my right was a skyline that was in a way more tangible, with the buildings seeming within arm's length. It was almost as if I could touch the Empire State Building, which resembled something of Lego stature, from where we stood. These songs resemble that feeling of being small yet powerful in any way, for no matter what reason. This playlist was formed with the intentions of evoking such emotions that a spin along the hustling + bustling streets of New York City would bring along. Click here  to have a listen! Enjoy. xoxo

Winds of Change

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Wearing:// Dress: Aritzia, Shoes: Lulu's (Black Sandals) (Lace Up Sandal) , Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Necklace: Africa (House of Harlow Pendant) (Kendra Scott Pendant) 

       To say these past few weeks that I have been home have been busy would be a complete understatement. I'm not sure I've even realized that I'm no longer in France- that's just how jam packed busy I've been (slightly joking). "What has she been up to?" , you may be wondering. On most days, I've been doing SAT tutoring, and that often rotates with mini freak outs about college. Anyone willing to write my essays and fill out my applications, please step forward- macaroons + chocolate of choice in return. Otherwise, I've been getting into some spin classes to work off all of the French butter and sending some writing pitches to big shot magazines that probably won't read my emails. Jokes, but I'm seriously hoping one of them runs my article about SYA. The other weekend, we went up to New York to see my sister and some family friends, and I loved every minute of it. We are planning on going up again soon to see Gigi on Broadway and to do some more explorin' and brunchin'. While there, we hit up the giant Aritzia sale, which had a variety of items, for both summer and fall, like this dress. I don't usually wear blue, as warmer colors usually go better with my skin tone, however this royal blue shift dress (WHICH HAS POCKETS!!) reeled me in. My go to summer outfit usually involves easy dresses like this one, that you can just throw on with some sandals and go out the door. Let's just say that I'm laziness at it's finest. 

In between prepping for my upcoming trip back to France + hanging out, I actually did something else blogging related! Not too long about NMRKT contacted me about setting up an "online shop", and it's now finally live! Click here or the 'shop' page above to check out my current favorite things. Lemme know what you think! xoxox Isabelle 


School Year Abroad Q&A + My Experience

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          Not too long ago, I began asking my readers on various social media platforms for some questions regarding my School Year Abroad in France. After a while, the questions added up, and so I decided to film a little video! Some of these questions came from readers who were simply curious about where I have been for the past 9 months (rightly so), and others came from students actually going to SYA next school year. No matter which position you are in, I hope you find this video helpful and informative! If you like this Q&A video, be sure to share it with anyone you know who might be interested in SYA. 

       Thanks again for keeping up with my travels this year! As I said in the video, I truly enjoyed sharing my time abroad with you all, and I hope you guys liked seeing my photos + musings throughout the year. xoxoxo 

P.S. The outfit posts will be returning ASAP- I promise! 


SYA 2014-2015 | Photo Summary + Reflection

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instalookingrennes copy
[Posing in town while doing a scavenger hunt during our orientation 9/9/14] 
rennes-22 copy
[Checking out school and the area near my host house 9/6/14]
morhibantrip-1 copy
[The first of many cathedrals on our first trip around Bretagne 9/18/14]
rennesroundup1-1 copy
[Checking out the market in the Place des Lices with Estelle 9/12/15] 
loirevalley-17 copy
[Hanging out on our Loire Valley trip with Marisa 10/20/14] 
loirevalley-18 copy
       [The Chateau de Blois 8/20/14]
loirevalley-26 copy
[The Chateau de Chambord with the whole crew- Gunnar photobombing 10/20/14] 
loirevalley-62 copy
[Chateau de Chenonceau 10/21/14] 
toussaint-1 copy
[Classic Breton Kouign-amann cakes during Toussaints break 10/24/14] 
toussaint-8 copy
[The Saint Malo water during Toussaints Break 10/25/14] 
rennesroundup-1 copy
[La Visitation in Rennes looking festive 10/29/14]
opera (1 of 1) copy
[Headed to the opera for a friend's performance 12/13/14] 
xmasinparis-9 copy
[Christmas in Paris 12/20/15] 
xmasinparis-69 copy
[Seeing "La Source" at the Paris Music House 12/24/15] 
xmasinparis-140 copy
[At the top of the Arc de Triomphe 12/26/15]
winterinparis-48 copy
[The Place des Vosges 2/7/15] 
strasbourg-23 copy
[The Notre Dame Cathedral de Strasbourg 2/11/15]
strasbourg-50 copy
[Strasbourg skyline 2/12/15]
munich-30 copy
[Munich/the Glockenspiel 2/14/15] 
munich-56 copy
[Donut heaven in Munich 2/15/15]
berlin-12 copy
[The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin 2/16/15]
berlin-113 copy
[The East Side Gallery in Berlin 2/18/15]
berlin-166 copy
[The main cathedral in Berlin covered in bubbles 2/17/15] 
printemps -39 copy
[A week's span in Rennes of beautiful blooming flowers 3/26/15]
paysbasque -18 copy
[Arcachon during spring break with school 4/11/15]
paysbasque -67 copy
[Spring break on the beaches of Guéthary in the Basque Country 4/12/15] 
paysbasque -91 copy
[Strolling around Biarritz 4/12/14] 
barcelone-13 copy
[First day in Barcelona 4/17/15]
barcelone-62 copy
[Relaxing by the port in Barcelona 4/17/15]
ibiza-41 copy
[The Old Town in Ibiza 4/19/15] 
ibiza-47 copy
[The Old Town in Ibiza 4/17/15] 
ibiza-76 copy
[Clear waters in Ibiza 4/19/15] 
mallorca-51 copy
[Floaties + sand at our hotel in Mallorca 4/22/15] 
mallorca-135 copy
[The mountainous area of Soller 4/24/15] 
mallorca-150 copy
[The beach in Soller 4/24/15] 
lafin-37 copy
[Our group 'Lancelot' during our mini graduation 5/21/15] 
lafin-53 copy
[Graduates! 5/21/15]
lafin-55 copy
[Perusing our yearbooks 5/21/15] 
lafin-60 copy
[The last trip to town 5/21/15] 
[D-day Museum in Caen 5/22/15/]
[Last days with Liv 5/22/15] 
[Normandie 5/22/15] 
[The Pointe du Hoc 5/23/15] 

     Roughly 9 months ago, I boarded a plane from Logan airport in Boston to CDG in Paris. It had been months upon months leading up to the actual departure. The shrieks of excitement blended with the, "You're so brave remarks!!", and the idea of studying abroad that I had become so wrapped up in was coming to the surface. In my mind, there was only a world of endless possibilities beyond the Air France cabin doors, and a junior year abroad became more and more appealing. It wasn't until I plopped onto my bed in my vintage style room at my host house, with fatigue dragging down my already overweight suitcases, that it all really hit me. I'm still not quite sure what "it" is- perhaps it is France, Europe, the thrill of traveling, the French language, or new people...or maybe everything foreign to my old sometimes clouded perspective. This year brought along many things that felt like givens to me at the time, but now I realize they were small joys that not everyone can have or is familiar with. In the span of 9 months, I was given each day abroad as an opportunity to see the world with my new found friends, slowly but surely master a language, be integrated into a family unlike my own, and truly learn about this "Europe" I had so often vacationed, but never really lived. Initially, I was so against the idea of a "transformation" that this experience would bring along- that being said, I didn't have too many expectations. As much as the idea of being a new person can make me want to cringe, I truly have developed into a better version of my self. The knowledge I now have and will carry with me forever is something priceless. While there were obvious steps along the way that were less pleasant, like language obstacles or simple frustration, each step in a new city, from Paris to Berlin to Barcelona, made the minor setbacks worth it. Upon arriving home, I've been asked rather often if I wish that I had been home this past year. As much as things from home were missing from my everyday comfort and routine, the things I was able to realize in distancing myself from my home of 17 years helped bring the "bigger picture" of everything to clarity. 

      I would like to thank you all, from my best friends to my family to my #1 blog readers (y'all rock!!), for continuously keeping up with my blog posts this past year. I've loved nothing more than sharing my many pictures on the blog from my travels, as well as sharing some of my day to day thoughts to correspond. Each time I received a comment on here, Instagram, or even an occasional email, I was overjoyed to see that you guys were enjoying all of these travel posts. While I post on my blog not only for my future self, my readers play an important roll in this little thing we've got going here, so thank you so much. 

      It has been a little less than two weeks since I've come back to the states, and I've been keeping busy by seeing my wonderful friends (who threw me the cutest party!), unhappily meeting with my SAT tutor, and practicing my driving. The other day, I read a quote by Yolande Chéné that reads,"Ce qu'il y a de bon dans les départs ? Ils commencent le retour.” It means, "What is the good in departures? That they start the return." I probably poorly translated that quote, but you get the gist. I'll be back in France, more specifically the Provence area, at the end of June with my mom, which will be a short but exciting return to one of my favorite places. Despite going back to France in a different sort of setting, it'll feel great to be frolicking in the lavender fields with the French language running through my ears again. Thanks again everyone! My Q&A video will be coming next. xoxox 

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