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Wearing:// Dress: Urban Outfitters, Jacket: Mother Denim, Sunnies: Wildfox, Shoes: Converse, Bag: Longchamp 

When it comes to summer dressing, my priorities include- a) not trying to wear all black, b) light fabrics, and c) easy things to throw on. Before our spring break came along, I did my best to find clothing that fit all of these requirements. In the last few days before we left, I found this shift/tent dress on Urban Outfitters, and I wore it practically everyday, whether it was to the beach or to walk around. With dresses like this, I'm prone to wear my classic denim jacket that I wear way too much and then just throw on some converse, but booties and some sort of cardigan could also work. Although it's hard to tell in these pictures, this dress also has quite a bit of fabric to it, making for some majestic "Instagram moments" on the beach that we all know and love. 
 While I named this post "Transpose" first and foremost for the awesome Bad Suns song, there is also the true meaning of the word that should be noted. According to my Merriam Webster dictionary (not Urban Dictionary, folks), transpose means "to transfer to a different place or context". Throughout this break, heck, even these past 9 months, I've seen and been transported to a wide variety of places. With each place traveled, I have been given the opportunity to discover a new culture and way of living that I had never encountered. And in less than a month, I'll be going back to the USA to experience a sort of reverse transposition -or reverse culture shock- that is inevitably going to arrive. I've been asked a lot lately if I'm excited to go home, and while I'm obviously excited to return home to rejoin my family/friends (and PUPPIES), there's the "unknown" what-if aspect of going back to America that remains up in the air until May 27th arrives. Thankfully, I'll be making my way back to France in June with my mom for a visit to the South, but until then, I'll be soaking up the American charm that I have missed while longing for some croissants and European travel. 

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