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ibiza-47 copy
[Hiking around the Old Town of Ibiza] 
ibiza-106 copy
[The palm tree filled view from our hotel's terrace]
ibiza-7 copy
[World Family Ibiza bags from Atzavara Boutique] 
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[People start a late dinner along a street of mostly touristy restaurants] 
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[The gorgeous blue water off of a lookout point in the Old Town] 
ibiza-123 copy
[Yummy falafel salad at Don't Panic It's Organic Ibiza] 
ibiza-56 copy
[Walking around the upper area of the Old Town] 
ibiza-24 copy
[A very Greek looking part of the town with plenty of vines and white buildings]
ibiza-110 copy
[Looking tan as ever on the balcony of our hotel!!] 
[Water crashing upon the rocks at a nearby beach]

The first stop on our tour of the Balearic Islands was the notorious island of Ibiza. Going into this leg of the trip, we didn't expect Ibiza to be in it's full blown club season, however our only goal was really to soak up the sun. Upon our arrival, we were in awe of the palm trees and the beautiful water. For the most part, we spent our time in Ibiza by the pool, in the quaint town, and exploring the Old Town. In the town, we found quite a few places that became regular visits. One thing that we noted a ton of was Bio restaurants and stores, which was a treat for us, considering Rennes only has one actually good organic store. If you follow my Instagram, you would've seen one of our meal pictures at Don't Panic It's Organic that was INCREDIBLE. We became fast friends with the young owners, who had only opened up two weeks prior, but they definitely are on the fast track to a good business. They had options from build your own sandwiches/salads, fresh smoothies, organic pizza, and a variety of raw desserts. I've never gotten to go to a place of this sort like the "hipster" places you see on Instagram in California, and so I was going crazy with the cuteness. When we weren't stuffing our faces there, we were probably at Atzavara, a small boutique in town. We also made another friend there, which was the manager that spoke Spanish to us and enjoyed joking around. Funnily enough, he had been telling us the story of the maker of World Family Ibiza bags , and then before we knew it, he was waving to her as she drove by the store! That was a crazy sort of starstruck moment for us, and we began waving as well. Otherwise, we enjoyed discovering new local restaurants, trying croquettas at each place, and making new "friends".

I hope you guys have been liking my pictures posts! I also posted a new video over on my Youtube channel, and it's a sort of short "vlog" video from the Basque Country. There will be a post from Mallorca and another video coming very soon! xoxo 

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