De Retour // May 2015 Playlist + SYA Q&A?!

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     Among posting photos from my recent trip to Spain and just general busyness, I easily forgot about one of my favorite posts to make; seasonal playlists. I always find myself looking for new music, and I have downloaded tons of new songs since my last playlist for Winter. For these types of posts, I usually use Groove Shark, but have finally caved in the Spotify movement (my username is 'lostbutnotfound') At the moment, I only have this one playlist up on there, but will probably find a day of boredom this summer that will consist of playlist making.  I'd say this playlist is a combination of a bunch of different, mostly good hearted/passionate songs....I'm clearly great at descriptions, but you get the idea! Go have a listen ---> here. I hope you guys enjoy jamming out to these songs! Lemme know your song faves at the moment in a comment below. :)

P.S. I was thinking of doing a q&a post or video on my experience these past 9 months for my school year abroad in France. I would answer any questions about it that you guys have and elaborate beyond that, and maybe get some of my friends to be in it, haha. We'll see! But I first of all need a decent amount of questions, so you can send me some either in a comment, a Tumblr message, Instagram, by email (, Twitter, etc. Thanks guys! 
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