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barcelone-72 copy
[The view from our friends' rented apartment in the Gothic Quarter] 
barcelone-56 copy
[Hannah and Carolyn doing their #nochella thang by the port] 
barcelone-58 copy
[The first of many many palm tree pictures] 
barcelone-69 copy
[Leaving Carolyn, Emma, and Marisa to attend to the map] 
barcelone-74 copy
[Walking back to our hotel from our friends' apartment] 
[Flag happiness at a small artisan market in the city] 
barcelone-13 copy
[Fresh off the plane at the "Arc de Triomphe" of Barcelona] 
barcelone-50 copy
[Some more palm trees....] 
barcelone-55 copy
[Locals and tourists hanging out under the sun by the port] 
barcelone-8 copy
[Hannah getting some action shot Instagram pictures] 

When I first got back from vacation and began sorting through my pictures, I somehow forgot that I had pictures from Barcelona, because it sort of feels as if we never went to there. Obviously, Barcelona is not a place easily forgotten, but we were there for a mere 2 days before heading to Ibiza. However, from the moment we got off of our early morning flight, we made the most of our 48 hours. In addition to diving into tapas and smoothies galore, we did tons of walking around the vast city. Sure, we didn't do much of the historical "touristy" sightseeing, but we used our time how we wished. When not searching for chips and guacamole, we were either hanging out by the port, storming the large Zara, or watching street performers. Even though we spent the least amount of time in Barcelona, we all agree that our first day there was the best way to kick off the beginning of our independent travel. There's a certain carefree vibe in the warm air of Barcelona that felt 1000 times different than that of France. Plus, the general shopping & food tops Rennes any day, so that's a major plus. 

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