17th Birthday Bloopers

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Long time no talk everyone! Sorry I sorta fell off the face of the Earth- as you can see from my beach filled Instagram posts, I've been traveling quite a bit these past two weeks. We went around the Basque Country for about a week with school, I then went to Barcelona with my friends, Ibiza with Marisa, and now Mallorca! I don't think I've ever been on so many planes within the same week! Obviously, I have tons of posts coming from these trips, including videos, photo diaries, and outfits. But today I wanted to do my classic bloopers 17th birthday post because, well, what is better than outtakes? I was talking to my mom last night about just how quickly my birthday came, and she pointed out that this birthday is one I will certainly never forget- celebrating in Mallorca is more than I could ever ask for! I hope you guys are all doing well and that school is starting to wind down for you. :) Talk soon! 

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