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Wearing:// Top: Aritzia, Pants: Boutique in Paris (Windsor Moto Pants), Cardigan: Aritzia, Shoes: Vince 

I'm not quite sure why I've never showcased these pants on the blog, considering how I've been wearing them TO DEATH lately. I've somehow amassed just about every type of pant in existence over the years, however I've never had a pair quite like these. I wore these moto-style pants often when we were prancing 'round Germany, despite lacking a belt and nearly having my JB moment come to light. I had a sort of rapper look going that I was not quite aiming for, and lets just say it was quite uncomfortable. However, these pictures are from the one weekend where I posted park pictures (belt on check), when the sun was in clear view and the French were soaking it all up. Contrary to today's windy flash-rain weather, I was able to walk around comfortably with just my go-to Aritzia cardigan- no giant winter jacket needed. I feel like I often discuss weather on the blog, however if you lived in Rennes, you would know that the weather and it's incertitude is a major topic of discussion. As the French like to say, "c'est comme ça", which means more or less, "That's just how it is". 

Unfortunately, not much has been going on lately that I can report! It's weird to think we got back from February break roughly a month ago, and this time next month it'll almost be my birthday! The thought of turning 17 in Europe is strange, because I can't exactly get my license while here and so it'll just be another birthday....however, I'll be spending it in Mallorca with my friend Marisa, so it'll be just a teensy tiny bit better than a normal birthday (I'm actually screaming on the inside). We just received our quarter grades, and while my grades are consistent and everything is going well in general, I will certainly welcome spring break with open arms. WIDE OPEN. Until then, I've got one week of school, a nice Easter long-weekend at the host beach-house, and then 4 glorious days until break! Here we go! xoxo Isabelle 

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