Printemps Teaser | Rennes Roundup #3

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      I'm not sure if this was the case everywhere, meaning across France or even across the world, but last weekend was a clear taste of spring and summer. When I was doing my daily "weather check" (aka sticking my arm out the window), I could instantly feel the warmth of the sun and I could sense the summer-like day that upon us. Just about every Saturday, I go into town with my friends, to either shop or eat, and I almost always pass through the Parc du Thabor for a shortcut. If you remember my "Rennes | First Glimpse" post from when I first got here, the Thabor had a plentiful amount of roses and other vibrant flowers that created such a beautiful landscape. Despite the Thabor being void of it's copious amount of flowers, while walking amongst the flocks of people, you could just feel the warm weather joy radiating. For the first time in months, I ditched my winter jacket for a light cardigan and my boots for slip-on sneakers. The restaurant in the park that has been closed for winter was open for business and the patio was looming with people. After walking around with my friend Marisa for awhile, we eventually sat on a bench for a few hours and quite literally soaked up the sun while people watching.

Unfortunately, this weekend the cold decided to come back and the sun went into hiding once again- however, last weekend will forever be Rennes's first taste of the quickly arriving Spring season. I swear I'll be saying this in every post until I go home to America, but I simply can't believe March is halfway over, Spring break is less than a month away, and I only have two months left. While this is a shorter photo set, I thought'd I'd share these pictures nonetheless. Last night, I got to thinking about how little time I have left, and so I am going to be a little bit more sentimental with each day that passes. Hope these pictures bring a little warmth to your day! xx Isabelle 

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