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Wearing:// Dress: Brandy Melville, Cardigan: Aritzia, Jackets: Burberry Britt, Boots: Minelli, Hat: BDG at Urban Outfitters , Sunnies: Wildfox 

          During my time in Germany, a country once foreign to me, I was opened up to the reality that is; the world is much bigger than what meets the eye. Just throughout these past six months (crazy to say!) in France, I've been exposed to the world beyond the walls of temporary travel. It's different to spend the average 9 days visiting a new place than to actually become a part of it. Somehow, leaving America for such a prolonged amount of time has felt like a refreshing experience. Being plucked out of my comfortable environment and being forced to see the world in a different way is something completely immeasurable. I've always been a social media vicarious traveler, practically going on vacation with my favorite photographers and bloggers through Instagram. But actually going to travel and try to understand these places we obsess over on social media allows us to realize that no one has it better than others- everyone just lives differently. 

    When we went to Berlin, as I mentioned in my Berlin photo diary, I was completely smitten by the East Side Gallery. Each mural evoking an individual message from the artist, walking along the wall felt like a small fish in a big pond kind of deal. However, once I stumbled upon this mural, those feelings of inferiority were lifted, and the moment felt eternal. Sporting my new Brandy Melville trapeze dress and my wanna-be-grunge beanie, I was practically shivering -in style- whilst trying to soak up everything about this artwork. Every inch of this mural had a new idea to be uncovered, including that of the "around the world" picture that I put above. Being able to say I spent nine months abroad in what once seemed like a "magical" Europe but what is now somewhere where I've left my mark is something beyond what I ever expected. 

      I'm not exactly sure where that sort of reflection came from, but I guess that's what happens when you're sick! Just the other day, I was thinking about how I hadn't been hit with the cold or the flu this winter unlike my many classmates, and then it came my way yesterday. Being my typical self, I went to school to do a quick quiz and then headed back to my unmade bed, which I left waiting for me. Isn't that genius? In the mean time, I'll probably get caught up with The Bachelor and The Fosters while drinking some green tea, and then search for things to do over spring break! Hint: The Islands of Spain...I'll be back with a new post very soon! Happy Wednesday! 

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