Les Fleurs // Rennes Roundup #4

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printemps -39
    [Plentiful flowers by the cathedral and the park] 
                [My delish froyo with strawberries and cookies on top from CupYou] 
printemps -63
             [More pretty flowers by La Visitation] 
printemps -61
                       [Marisa being one with nature] 
printemps -66
                    [A little man who sells flowers by the organic store]
printemps -43
    [Spring in full bloom in the Thabor]

       As weird as it is to say (or rather, type), this was my last weekend in Rennes for roughly a month! For this coming mini Easter long weekend, we are heading back to the Saint Briac beach-house to celebrate someone's birthday, and then next weekend is already spring break to the Basque Country with school, and then the islands! Being our last weekend in Rennes for a while, Marisa and I decided to walk around a ton and do our usual food place hopping. Friday night, we tried the *best* Mediterranean dinner place, and the owners were super nice, and the hummus was an absolute A+ from me. Thinking about it, we had a pretty low key night in preparation for a Saturday full of filming and exploring. Saturday, after first taking some pictures in the park, we walked leisurely in the bustling city, working to dodge the classic Rennes protests left and right. Meanwhile, we were going in on a bag of sour-gummy worms that Marisa had picked up, while reminiscing about just how quickly time is passing. Not even just in regards to our SYA experience, but to life and high-school as well. With my eye practically twitching from the sugar, we walked off the candy by going into random boutiques and boulangeries across town. 

Minus the mouth-watering froyo picture, these images were all shot on the same day, and so I'd conclude that it was a very floral promenade. During the fall and winter, the park as well as the town was rather drab, and the constant rain wasn't helping that either. I'm guessing over the past week they've added some more flowers + flower trees (?) like the ones above, and I've been loving it! I could not tell you how many pictures I took of these flowers....however, something I almost took equally as much pictures of was my cookie and coffee combo at La Kitchenette. We've been dying the try this small family owned café out for a while, and I'm glad we finally did- that cookie went above and beyond my expectations. Man, I do love a good chocolate chip cookie. Our night was finished out with a mini Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon (which is now online!!!) and some bananas w/honey. #foodgoals

We definitely did many other things that I just can't remember, but have no fear- I've got a video in the works! I did a lot of filming this weekend, but I still am lacking some footage, so that'll be coming sometime soon! Watch this space for that and I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures!
xoxo Isabelle 

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