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[The Reichstag building]
["Berlin!" at the East Side Gallery]
[A giraffe doing it's thang at the Berlin Zoo]
[Posing it up at the American Sector at Checkpoint Charlie]
[Midday by the TV Tower] 
["Get Human" at the East Side Gallery- love these colors!]
[With Heather and Olivia at the Brandenburg Gate]
[Famous mural entitled "The Kiss" at the East Side Galley]
[Bubble fun outside the Berlin International Community Church]
         [A French mural at the East Side Gallery- "Art in the street, for each and for all"] 

     Despite having been in Berlin for the longest of all 3 cities we visited, I returned home only to have a small amount of pictures from this wonderful city. I'm not sure if it was because we were in and out of a lot of museums, I was busy looking around, or if I was simply trying to soak it all up, but it just sort of happened all so quickly. Compared to Munich, Berlin was a lot more spread out and had more of a spice to it. 

Walking around, you could feel a sort of "Berlin touch" to it that Munich seemed to lack. We began our Berlin adventures with a trip to the Holocaust Memorial, which was a series of large stone blocks that alternated sizes. And just beside it is the US Embassy, so as usual, we all got a bit too excited to see an American flag. After spending awhile exploring the area, we went by the Jewish Museum, which had a very perplexing set up in the architecture of it. In addition, the historical information was also presented in more of a light hearted manner. That same day, we continued on to the Brandenburg Gate, where we got a quick picture and proceeded to run over to a nearby Dunkin' Donuts, where I fulfilled my hazelnut coffee fix. The last thing we did that day was a trip to Checkpoint Charlie, where we made friends with the strange Polish guard. Plus, there were some more American Flags- meaning, we were yet again excited. Over the next few days, we spread things out a bit more, including seeing the Reichstag, attempting to climb the TV Tower but having no luck, and the East Side Gallery. Of the many things we did, many of which I didn't mention, the East Side Gallery was my favorite. Seeing the Berlin Wall has been something that has interested me for a long time, and this gallery combines the wall with art. As I walked along the wall, I couldn't stop beaming as I looked at the varied murals, all of which had their own messages that the artists had hoped to express. In addition to a unique photo op, the East Side Gallery is a funky place to walk around and take inspiration from. 

This post sadly concludes my photo diaries from Germany (with a video on the way). It's hard to believe that Winter break passed so quickly; yet we're all already talking about Spring break! Insanity. It's also crazy to think that it's already March, and all of the new students for next year have been notified of their acceptances. I've been messaging some new students about their concerns and it's weird to think that was me last year! Plus, senior year is creeping up on me awfully fast, and I'm not a fan. Well, I'm off to write an essay for Art History and then tackle some other projects that await me! xoxo 

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