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[Centre Ville of Strasbourg]
[Post-card mania at a souvenir shop outside the cathedral] 
[City view of Strasbourg from atop the Notre Dame Cathedral] 
[Plentiful vibrant flowers just the day before Valentine's Day]  
[Coffee and cronuts at the scrumptious Dreher bakery]  
[With my friend Olivia in front of the cathedral] 
[Vistors look in complete awe at the extremely massive cathedral] 
[A man picks up some flowers in town on Valentine's Day eve]
[A woman rides by on her bike in the rather quiet Place Kléber] 
[Heather, Olivia, and Me atop the Cathedral at the lookout point] 

       While I haven't actually traveled much around France, besides around Brittany, if you asked me one city that is a must see, I would recommend the oh-so quaint city of Strasbourg. As I've just come to realize this year, I'm definitely more of a small scale city type of girl. Strasbourg exudes a quaint vibe coming from the surplus of family owned bakeries while it is on the other hand also a bustling city with it's own tram transportation system. Being the blogger I am, my eyes lit up at the sight of vibrant roses up roses in preparation for Valentine's Day the day after our arrival. I eagerly observed and photographed as many people purchased bouquets for their loved ones on a very beautiful day in Strasbourg. There was something about the curving streets and the almost strange vibe of the people that I actually quite liked. The several churches on every corner is something to note as well in the most religious region of France- but the Notre Dame of Strasbourg is the most noteworthy. We've talked about Notre Dame in Paris and in Reims in art history, but never this massive version. 

 It's one thing to frolic around Paris, which in my opinion has lost it's true culture to tourism, but it's another thing to be able to speak the language in a city you've never once been to. Having told anyone who asked that we "lived in Rennes" and "we're here for 9 months", we got a lot of strange reactions about how far Rennes is from Alsace-they're on complete opposite sides of the country. 

Hope you guys are doing well and that you like these pictures! I truly enjoyed Strasbourg and the character of the charming city. Munich + Berlin coverage coming soon! 

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