All Again

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Wearing:// Sweater: Zara (Knot Sisters Sweater), Jeans: The Kooples (Sale!), Boots: Minelli, Bag: Balenciaga "Classic City" (UO Mini Tote Bag), Nails: Revlon (Indigo Night) 

       Hey guys! Long time no talk- as I seemingly often say. Since we last talked, I've officially gone on winter break and never felt better! Even though my peers and I all agreed we were basically just on Christmas break, a trip to Paris is always a good idea. As per usual, I've been taking a surplus of pictures, which will eventually make their way on over to the blog. For now, we finally have a new outfit post! I've been wanting to shoot this sweater for the longest time because I've been wearing it at least once a joke. It is so incredibly comfy, warm, and my favorite shade of maroon/burgundy, which is the one winter color that does't make me look like Caspar the ghost. The best thing about this sweater is that it can easily be taken from classy to more casual- in this case, I went for some swanky waxed denim in an attempt to look like some kind of a classy style blogger. All black or close to all black is always a good idea, even if you're as pale as a marshmallow, like me. 

        If you were wondering what I've been up to thus far in Paris, it seems like the past few days have been a blur of many museums, meat + cheese plates in random cafés, and running our own races across Paris (literally). In an attempt to catch a metro ride in time for our school's nightly "check-in", we gracefully ran past the sparkling Eiffel Tower at 10 P.M. in heeled-booties. The ankle pain is so very real. 

    I'll be posting a small photo diary after break from Paris, which will be followed by all of my Germany blog posts- but until then, keep updated with my semi-regularly updated Instagram (@lostbutntfound). Hope you guys enjoyed this post and are digging the new layout! According to my mom and best friend, it's "edgy" and "super cool", haha. Lemme know how y'all are in a comment! I would love to read it. xoxo Isabelle 

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