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Wearing:// Shirt: Aritzia (on sale!), Faux-fur Jacket: Zara (Kimichi Blue Faux Fur Coat) (Staring at Stars Fur Coat), Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Shoes: Minelli 

             I'm not sure if it's just me, but there's something about Disneyland that just makes me throw in the towel and go *all out* in those alluring Disney boutiques. Anytime I go into one, I can't help but pick up all of the incredibly adorable merchandise that fills each of the many stores at the parks (all of which my mom and I scoped out, of course). Some of these items include unnecessary sweatshirts, keychains, snow globes, and of course, the famous Minnie ear headbands. I mean, when else is there a time when can you wear them without being judged?!? In an effort to not completely throw my dignity out the window, I decided to dress up a bit on this last bitter-cold day at the happiest place on earth. Wearing my go-to black skinnies and a snake-printed blouse, I opted for a slightly cropped faux fur jacket from Zara. Anytime I put on something like this I always feel a bit like I'm straight out of the 1920s, until I realize that it is in fact 2015, even though I've been writing '2016' on my papers in school....Just time travelin' I guess!!

         Speaking of school, things may have been a bit tough lately, but I still can't believe that January is already practically over! Looking at our schedule for school, February basically doesn't count considering we're in school for two weeks total, and I'll be going to Paris (with school) and Strasbourg/Germany (with my friends) for the other two. So much traveling! March will be pretty low-key, April will consist of some voyages to Spain, and then May 28th will be here before I know it! I honestly wish I could slow things down more than anything. It seems like I spent the whole beginning of this experience wishing it would go a bit faster, and now that it's 1/2 way done, I can't help but wish I could go back in time, even to when I could barely speak French and I felt so displaced. I guess that's how you truly learn to live in the present. Until May rolls around, here's to more travel bloggin' coming very soon! Hope you guys enjoyed this. xoxo Isabelle 

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