Paris Photo Diary | Part 2

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[On top of Montmartre]


[The Champs-Élysées during Christmas time at night]


[Jardin des Tuileries in full flight]


[The National Academy of Music]


[The Pont Des Arts all boarded up]


[Being touristy atop the Arc de Triomphe]


[The beautiful ceiling inside the Academy of Music]

[La Seine river]


[An artist at Montmartre "in the zone"]


[The beautiful architecture of Paris]


[Hanging out at the Louvre]


[The French Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower at night]

Here's the second part to my 2 part photo diary from Christmas in Paris! If you haven't already seen the first post, I posted a bunch of photos and roughly summarized what we did for the first part of our trip. 

Continuing on with my little story, Christmas day was like none other! We started the day off by swinging on over to the Louvre, which was busy because all of the shops were closed. After eating lunch around there and walking around Notre Dame, we went to our hotel to get ready for our Christmas river cruise along the Seine. For some reason, we have been on a lot of random boat rides or cruises of sorts, like when we went to Egypt, so we weren't expecting too much, but it ended up being actually very nice! On our walk home from the cruise, we saw the DeLorean time-travel car, from the Back to the Future movie. My sister and mom were ecstatic, while I am not as familiar with the movie, however it was still super cool! The next day, we went to explore Montmartre, which was busy as ever. We walked around for a while, saw the small art market my mom loves go to, and then took a short walk to our Cook'n with Class macaroon making class, where we made chocolate passion fruit, caramel beurre salé, and raspberry macaroons. Yum!! The following day was very cold, yet again, and we decided to go to the top of the Arc De Triomphe. For whatever reason, I had never been to that part of the Arc, and it was awesome being able to see all of Paris from one spot. And to our dismay, my sister left the next morning to go back to Texas. 

I'll be doing another outfit post from Paris, as well as Disneyland posts coming very soon! Hope you guys enjoyed these two posts. :) xoxo Isabelle 

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