Paris Photo Diary | Part 1

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[The Eiffel Tower looking beauteous from a side street]


["La Source", a ballet we saw at the Paris Opera House]


[View from the top of the Arc De Triomphe] 


[Place Vendome looking cheery at night]


[Christmas cheer by the train station]


[Macaroon making class at Cook'n With Class]


[Walking along the Seine in the bitter cold]


[Hanging out at Place Vendome shooting this post]


[Cute puppy at a café by Le Bon Marché]


[Night shot during our Christmas river cruise on the Seine]


[Atop the Arc De Triomphe with my mom and sister]

For about the millionth time, if you didn't already know, I've spent this Christmas break in Paris, taking a detour to Champagne, Normandy, and Disneyland Paris. We spent the vast majority of our time in the city of lights, which of course means I have tons of photos!!! This is just part 1 of this two part photo diary from my time in Paris with my mom and sister. 

These photos aren't organized in any particular order, however I suppose I should try to cover what we did in a nutshell. After starting our trip with a day in Normandy and another in Champagne, we spent a day exploring Paris and doing touristy things, like taking pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower and getting "famous" hot chocolate. Basically the rest of our time was spent trying out recommendations from our guide from Normandy/Champagne. We first checked out Le Bon Marché (from my last post), and scoped out all of the clothing. After not having any shopping luck, we went on over to Rose Bakery, located in Le Bon Marché, where we chatted over tea and mini-cakes. I'm almost positive we spent the next day or so doing some photographing and sightseeing all of the bridges. To my surprise, the famous "Love lock bridge" was all boarded up (pic in next part)! After some research, I  found out that the locks were starting to make the bridge collapse, and so they are preventing more locks being added. And then it was already Christmas eve! We went to the Paris Opera House to see the ballet "La Source", which was so beautiful! The costumes were impeccable. While we didn't know the story inside and out, we got the gist of it just through the expressive dancing.

 To know what we did from Christmas day on, look out for part 2!! To be continued.....

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xoxo, Isabelle 
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