Outfit Ideas // Topshop, Zara, and Aritzia

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      The other day, I was asked on Tumblr if I could put together some of my favorite items at the moment from Topshop, Zara, and Aritzia. Originally, I was just going to compile them all in a collage format, but I thought making an outfit for each store would be more of a challenge! At this point in the year, the weather is in sort of in a weird in-between period, and so all of the stores are putting out sales, meaning you might need to adjust based on your climate. I hope you guys enjoy these looks and let me know which one you prefer in a comment! :) 

Zara Favorites
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This first casual outfit is compiled of all items from oh-so-wonderful Zara. When I (often) go to the actual Zara boutique in Rennes, I usually leave empty handed, however their online selection doesn't disappoint. I've always been a fan of Zara's variety of quality knits as well as their shoe section, and this outfit shows off both of those aspects. I saw these shoes in a random Teen Vogue online slide-show not too long ago, and fell in love with the sneaker/boot style with the cheetah print. While the shoes may add a little excitement to the outfit, adding a giant plaid sweater ups the "chic factor", if you will, when you're all buttoned up in this black lab style coat. 

Topshop Faves
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This next Topshop styled outfit is a bit edgy yet glam at the same time, and something I would totally wear. And in all honestly, it is a slight variation of my go-to outfit as of late- a giant sweater, distressed jeans, and booties have been my favorite thing to wear mostly because of the wild weather we've been having. If you were to wear this sweater with just a winter jacket or denim jacket of sorts by itself, you might find your self freezing later in the day, which is where the leather jacket comes in. Wearing a leather jacket over a sweater is an easy and comfortable way to ensure that you won't freeze in case the weather changes drastically, which often happens in Brittany. Depending on the weather forecast, you can always switch out these zipper booties for some Docs to trudge through the snow/rain. 

Aritzia Faves
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      Finally, this last outfit is probably the most sophisticated of all three, and what I hope I'll be donning once I get older and live that New York-Blair Waldorf-Gossip Girl lifestyle (a girl can dream!!). Aritzia, in my mind, has always been an outlet for anything chic yet sadly expensive, and this outfit fits that bill. The main attraction of this outfit is the well cut black dress, which you can wear with just about anything. I threw in a nice wool jacket for this outfit in case any of you haven't found a winter coat yet, because Aritzia has plenty of nice quality ones. Accessory wise, I've been drooling over the many bags Aritzia now carries, including this somewhat structured burgundy bag. When paired with the dress, jacket, scarf, and boots, this outfit says, "I mean business", as long as business means Netflix marathons, then I'm 100% with that. 

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