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Wearing:// Shirt: Aritzia (Babaton 'Irwin Blouse'), Skirt: Aritzia (Talula 'Meloy Skirt'), Jacket: Aritzia (BB Dakota Faux-Leather Jacket), Boots: Chanel (Dolce Vita Chelsea Boot)

          I'm not sure what it is, but something about Paris and other bustling cities can make one strike up the feeling to be "daring". Whether it be trying a new macaroon joint (like one I suggested in this post), or strutting around in heels you'd never think about wearing to school (ex. these beauties), this city has a way of affecting everyone who passes through. On something I'd personally call an ultimately "daring adventure", my mom and I explored around our hotel near Place Vendome, until we found a blog post suitable location. For Christmas, I received some clothes just that same day, and felt the need to wear them like all new things- one of which was this skirt. Mind-you, this was around two weeks ago when Paris suddenly resembled Antarctica and wearing a skirt was basically asking for frost bite. But alas, we came out of the experience with these pictures, showing my lovely burgundy skirt paired with a plaid button-down- both from Aritzia

Something not so daring but rather courageous that I've taken on is some dreadful SAT prep, which is why I haven't been on my blogging game. Between juggling those weekend prep classes/practice, actual school homework, and learning French, I've just about ran out of free time. When I am behind on Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms episodes, that's when you know it's the real deal. I'm going to try to ration my time better this week, hopefully successfully take the SAT next weekend, and try to keep sane all the while! Enough of me feeling bad for myself- how have you guys all been doing? I fell straight on my knees on the sidewalk today, but got up like a champ- if that tells you how I'm doing. 

 While I sometimes get messages on Tumblr and the occasional e-mail, I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in a while! If you want to drop me a line to chat about being abroad France, blog post suggestions, or even delicious macaroons, you can always email me at lostbutnotfound1@gmail.com or message me on Tumblr (@lostbutnotfoundblog)! Hope you guys are all truckin' through the first month of 2015! xoxo Isabelle 

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