5 Hidden Gems of Paris

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       To say the least, our time spent in Paris for this break was a time of discovery- despite having been to the great city of lights many times, this time was unique in its own way. We were given many different "local" recommendations; from food, shopping,to everything in between. We had a pretty hefty list, however we managed to try all of them throughout our trip. Moreover, I thought I'd share with you guys all of my favorites that we tried for if you're ever in Paris! I hope this is helpful to you guys and let me know which place sounds the most interesting to you! xoxo Isabelle 


    First up, we have Le Bon Marché, a Parisian department store located on the left bank. I think it's pretty universally known that Galeries Lafayette is a nice stop for general items, however this department store definitely tops it. I'd say it's comparable to American stores like Nemain Marcus or Saks Fith Avenue, although you will find tons more in addition to your typical brands. They have European marks that you probably won't see elsewhere, and there is a vast variety of styles for everyone. If you actually go there, you might be confused at first, but there is two separate buildings on each side- one for Women and Accessories, and the other for Home/Men. 


        Next up we have Rose Bakery, which you will actually find inside of Le Bon Marché, so you can shop & eat! I actually found this place on Carin Olsson's Instagram (@parisinfourmonths), and just had to try it! If you're looking for some delicious tea and cakes, this is the place to go. They have a huge selection of cakes to choose from, or you could even get apple crumble like my mom did in the second pic (she says it was delish!) In addition to the delectable desserts, you're also seated atop a beautiful view of Paris, which is always stunning, as long as you head to the one inside of Le Bon Marché. 


        Hmmm...well, I just realized the rest of these places are all food, but it's no big deal! Food is always good, especially when it is basically potatoes with a side of salad. As per recommendation of my sister's friend, we tried Le Relais Gascon, which supposedly is known for it's salads. But to be honest, it is basically a giant potato salad! With each bite, it seemed as if our savory salads only grew, but it was just so yummy that we eventually finished the whole thing! To add to the whole package, it was quite cheap for all of our meals and the service was rather speedy. 


       Something that people associate with France but probably don't eat much when visiting here is cheese. Usually people come for macaroons or other small pastries, but never cheese. One recommendation we had was for Barthélemy, a cheese shop full of different types of cheese that you've probably never heard of. When we went there, we were surrounded with tons of locals and for a few minutes, we felt even just a little bit more French. You can also find some bread there to go along with your Brie, Camembert, or whatever type of cheese you fancy. 


Last but not least, we had some Pierre Hermé macaroons! I personally have only ever heard people rave about Ladurée macaroons, but I never knew that other options really existed in Paris. I guess it depends on your taste, but Pierre Hermé has something on Ladurée that I just can't put my finger on. Besides the unique flavors, the actual product is full of flavor and they're also very photogenic (do it for the 'gram, am I right!!). As you can see in the first picture, they have a wide variety of flavors and I would definitely recommend trying it out! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Just a fair warning, I'll be posting Paris posts for at least the next few posts, so look out for those coming soon. Have a wonderful day guys! xx
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