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Wearing:// Sweater: c/o Oasap, Jeans: Asos (I would size down), Jacket: Ba&sh (Free People Cargo Jacket), Shoes: Nike, Bag: Longchamp

         I'm not sure if I've deliberately mentioned it before, but ever since a month or so ago, there has been the cutest market at the Place Du Parlement in Rennes. Adorned with holiday lights and mini shopping stands, the christmas cheer rings throughout this bustling city. As you walk through the three lane, two sided market, you will see things from candles that look like cupcakes, many different types of hats (berets included, of course), sausage, vin chaud, and a variety of holiday cookies. While it is not really a market for holiday shopping like that of the artisan market by La Visitation, the randomness of all the stands combined with the always busy carousel has a certain type of feeling to it. Maybe it's the joyous children on the carousel going 1 mph or the excessive churro line that I always debate joining, but this market is something not to be missed. Despite going practically everyday after school for my friends to get their "Tutti frutti" licorice fish, it just doesn't seem to get old. 

While vin chaud, hot chocolate from Columbus Café, and freshly made speculoos beignets may exist, giant sweaters remain a must here in order to stay warm. I recently received this black + white pocketed one from Oasap, and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and warmth. I usually don't expect much from Oasap, but I've already worn this sweater a ton since getting it last week! It'll probably join the other boat load of things I bring to Paris on Sunday when I head on the train to Mont Parnasse. I still can't believe it's already break! The only thing standing between me and freedom is two tests and 5 days, which will be met with our holiday spectacle for school on Friday night. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures and I'll to you guys soon! xoxo  

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