Champagne & Normandy

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[Overlooking the plentiful vineyards]


[Moet & Chandon vineyards] 


[Post tour of Taittinger's winery] 


[A couple inside of Reims's Cathedral] 


[Walking along the German base in Normandy]


[The American Cemetery & Memorial] 


[Going into the underground German base with the Ranger monument in the background]


[Noelle and me along the viewing point atop the beaches]


[The American Cemetery- over 9,800+ graves]


[Lunch at the sea town of Port-en-Bessin] 

       Upon arriving to Paris, we started off our girls' trip with a detour to Champagne and Normandy. Now when I think of it, both excursions were contrasting in their intentions, one being historic and the other being more of a relaxing day. Either way, they were both enjoyable and informative despite their differences. Our first day trip was to Champagne, where we explored the different wineries and learned about the process of champagne making. It's actually really surprising how extensive the methods and the time are that go into something so common. In between one of our tours, we walked around Reims Cathedral, which I actually studied in art history this year. It is a cathedral where all of the French kings are "inducted", before officially taking on their position. It was under construction, yet you could still see the resemblance between Reims and Notre Dame. The second day was a bit more somber, but something that was well worth the 7 a.m. departure. We first walked around the German base, which entailed tons of underground posts. From the lookout point, we could see Omaha beach and Gold beach on the other side. After spending some time there discussing the German strategies and such, we continued on to the American Cemetery & memorial. The cemetery extended for what seemed like miles, full of marble tombstones and names upon names. Seeing the American flag and the different states of the fallen soldiers made me feel closer to home, even if it was in this manner. We continued the day with a lunch by the sea in Port-en-Bessin, a small fishing town between Omaha and Gold Beach. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I've got tons of actual Paris pictures to post- it's insanity. I'll probably be doing a small city guide type thing, photo diary(s), and outfit posts. Talk soon! xoxo

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