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Wearing:// Sweater: Aritzia (Similar), Jacket: Ba&Sh (Light Before Dark Parka), Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Nike, Bag: Longchamp, Sunnies: Wildfox Couture 

        Only about a bajillion months later, I'm finally embracing the athletic trend. Ever since coming to France, I've been paying more attention to details (usually fashion related), and I've realized sneakers are a huge wardrobe necessity here. Initially, I was somewhat perplexed, because when I originally thought of the classic French style, I wasn't too quick to think of athletic wear. And contrary to popular belief, it's not all stripes and berets either. From Adidas Stan Smiths in multiple colors to the always trusty Nike Air Force in white, the French teens love ditching their edgy boots for casual sneakers. These shoes are also ideal for adding a little "somethin' somethin'" to a casual jeans and big cardigan combo (which is also a French fave)- and plus, they're perfect for a long day conquering the Rennes boutiques. Or even for strolling a magnificent chateau! I wore this outfit for the second day of our Loire Valley trip, when we visited the Chateau de Chambord, and my wonderful trainers kept my feet blister free. I'd say I've been wearing these shoes to death and they've been matching almost every outfit I've been wearing. I usually stick to things within my comfort zone, like Docs or Converse, but it's always fun to try out something new when it comes to fashion.  

      Speaking of the Loire Valley trip, I feel like I've been talking about the Toussaint break for practically a month! Even though this break was a little over a week, it felt like an eternity because we haven't had a break until now. However, after this break, we only have one day off in November leading up to our Christmas break. The agony!! Although today marks two months in France, which is still hard to believe. We supposedly are going to get progressively better with our french at a faster pace during this quarter, which is exciting/frightening, haha. To distract ourselves, we of course got the holiday feels going on today in our common room with some American Christmas music (justified by there not being Thanksgiving here). It made the next month seem some-what doable. Hope you guys are well! xoxo 

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