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Wearing:// Dress: Ba&Sh, Jacket: Aritzia (New Look Leather Jacket), Shoes: Vince (40% off!), Necklace: Topshop (Topshop Black Faceted Stone Collar)

            Only about two months late, France has finally caught up on the whole "fall foliage" concept. Coming from New Jersey, I'm used to the leaves changing slowly + beautifully, yet Rennes has only brought dark, fallen leaves practically over night. And with the leaves came colder weather and finally breaking out my winter coat, which didn't make an appearance in this shoot. Just you wait. However, last weekend it was actually slightly less cold, and I ever so bravely bared my legs. By nighttime, I was feeling a bit frigid- but at least I was wearing a cute outfit while doing it! I recently purchased this snake-looking dress from Ba&Sh, which when paired with my leather jacket, makes me feel some kind of edgy (as edgy as I can get, you know). However, instead of going out on the town for dinner, we had a quiet crepe and coffee sesh at Creperie Sainte Anne that day (two weekends ago). On a less glamorous note, this past weekend, we went and hiked up the Mont Saint Michel for the second time, which entailed architecture and a long Art History questionnaire. The night following our trip to the Mont Saint Michel, my friends and I attempted brownies with an oreo in the middle and cookie dough on the bottom, and then proceeded to watch 10 Things I Hate About You. I'm just blaming not having Pillsbury slice-and-bake cookie dough in France for why our brownies weren't too great...Let's just say we won't be "Cake Bosses" anytime soon. It was actually really funny though when I tried explaining the random concoction to my host mom and she was pretty confused, her being more accustomed to simple macaroons and croissants. 

Long time no talk everyone! My mini-hiatus this past week was due to some writer's block along the lines of having no ideas or time for shooting blog posts. However, I asked my wonderful Tumblr followers if anyone had some post requests and I think I've got some things in the works. That being said, I would love your thoughts as well- did you like the street style post? any routines? recipes? more outfits? etc, etc. Ask and you shall receive! In addition, if you were wondering what has been going on in France, I'd say that the holidays are definitely upon the French. I'm pretty sure it was mid-October when I saw winter snowflake-like lights being put up in town. And plus, we full on decorated the house the weekend and it looks like a Christmas wonderland, not going to lie. This is what happens when Thanksgiving is nonexistent, haha. Hoping you all are having a wonderful Monday! xoxo Isabelle 

P.S. Post title is in reference to the Zella Day song- go check it out!

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