Holiday Inspiration with Mane Message

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      A few days ago, I was sent some adorable hair accessories from Olivia over at Mane Message, an online small business creating headbands, hair ties, and bobby pins galore. Her business began as a low key kind of deal, and it has skyrocketed since her college days when she first started. In the blogging world, it's common knowledge to not expect too much when being sent things from sponsors, however these hair ties are certainly an exception! My friend/photographer Heather and I were pleasantly surprised by how well they hold up, especially with my thick hair. If you have thick hair, you know how difficult it is to not break hair ties on the reg, and these don't break or need prior stretching. Plus, they look a lot cuter than your average hair tie, which usually cut off your circulation. Not fun. In general, they are a perfect holiday gift for your girlfriends or they can even be something to throw in as a stocking stuffer. I was sent the following hair ties (clockwise from the right of the first picture): The Kate Package, The First Date Pin Package, The Pink Glitter Package, and The Aspen Package.  


        I'm normally not a huge bobby pin wearer because of my thick hair (it's a recurring issue, as you can see), however The First Date Pin Package might force me to wear them once in a while. This set is one of the girlier bobby pin sets, including a gold and silver sparkle bobby pin, as well as a plain pink one to make for a blush toned group. If you have shorter hair, these bobby pins would look awesome, whether you clip back your bangs or even just a small bunch of hair for that "vintage" kind of look. And if you're technically savvy, you can do two fish tails with a small bunch of hair and secure it in the back with the pins. Otherwise, you can stick to the classic pin back like Heather did here. You can wear just one on it's own or create a triangle-esque shape like I attempted here. Get creative! 


         In these pictures, I am sporting two of the wintery looking hair ties from The Aspen Package, which is probably my favorite combo. Initially, I was just wearing the glittery white one, and Heather pointed out that adding one of the patterned ones could be interesting, and I have to agree! I was wearing a simpler outfit, and even just adding the Aspen printed blue hair tie added a little holiday fun to my more or less basic outfit. And these hair ties are also very great at holding up, which is definitely a plus. Since cutting my hair, it has gotten easier to braid my hair as time has gone on, but usually my hair ties slide off, and these held up like a charm. Above all, they're awesome because you can easily mix and match them depending on your outfit and how you're feeling! Always good to have some options. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I totally recommend you go take a look at Mane Message, because it really is worth looking at. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo Isabelle 

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