French Street-Style Guide // 1

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          While documenting my own outfits was something bound to happen during my time in France, I've also been trying to figure out a way to share the style of the French. And what do you know, my mom comes up with a street style post idea! The other day when I went into town, I tried to sneakily take outfit pictures, which was difficult especially when people were on the move. I'll try to work on my paparazzi skills, I promise. (And lemme know what you think of more of these every so often!) Afterwards, I took these pictures and created some sets on Polyvore to correspond with these looks in a simpler fashion. I also had my fun with the polaroid title picture above, which put off some grueling Pre-calc work. Gotta love blogging. Hope you find this helpful! Don't forget to click on the sets if you want to see the items. xoxo
French Girl Look #1

         I'm not sure if it's just me, but the cold weather this year has been pretty unbearable for me. It's not that it's actually that cold in France, but I'm still in that "why-is-it-not-summer" "gimme-some-sunshine" phase. To combat the chill, oversized sweaters like this Mango one have been my go to. The great thing about them is that no one can judge you for bundling up, because you actually look adorable! Here, the stylish girl above paired a chunky sweater with some basic jeans and a killer houndstooth jacket. Wearing simple bases allows you to go all out on the accessories, whether it be your jacket or shoe choice. In this instance, I would say to stick to simple jewelry, maybe mixing metals, but not going too crazy beyond that. It's hard to tell in this picture, but she was also wearing coral nails, which is unexpected for fall but definitely works here. 

French Girl Outfit 3

         For some reason, this outfit reminds me of a stylish version of an outfit you'd see in a sci-fi movie. I could totally see Shailene Woodley wearing this in Divergent instead of the not so cute full body suits they wear. Or even Jennifer Lawrence in Mockingjay, when she is in distress while practically saving the world. *excuse that nerd moment/spoiler alert* Anyway, in addition to having sci-fi vibes going on, this look is also reads "cool city girl" to me. I've always been a huge fan of flat-form slip on sneakers paired with leather skirts- let alone hunter green leather skirts! Hunter green is a fall color that is hard to wear, but so chic when worn right. While leather is usually perceived as a dressy element, this is a perfect element of how easily it can be taken to a day time setting. Accessories wise, I love the unexpected quirky-touch her yellow Fjallraven backpack adds to what would've been a pretty monotone color scheme. 

French Girl Outfit 2

         This last look is what I like to think of as your classic European look. When most people think of European style, all black ensembles tend to come to mind. It's not necessarily true for everyone, but it does happen often. And in this case, this girl knew how to do all black in a way that was simple yet not too lackluster.  Walking down the street, what caught my eye about her outfit was her maroon beanie. Had she not been wearing the beanie, her outfit would've probably blended into the Rennes crowd and I wouldn't have noticed her rocker-chic outfit. I couldn't actually see her phone case, but the one above from Marc by Marc Jacobs  would go well with the metal in the jacket + a bunch of silver rings too. This would be a great outfit for a semi-casual fall outing (pumpkin patch, hayride, apple picking- aka all things France doesn't have) or even a concert. 


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