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Wearing:// Top: Zara, Skirt: Zara (Asos Skirt), Jacket: Aritzia (New Look Leather Jacket), Shoes: Doc Martens

        I know, I know- how typical 'fashion blogger' of me to name a post after a Taylor Swift song (which is great, if you didn't already know), but somehow it ties in a lot of things for me at the moment. I think I might've already mentioned this, but in English class, we've been heavily discussing the concept of "getting lost" and "journeying into the unknown". And as the 3 month mark of being in France nears, I can't help but reflect on how far I've come thus far. Around this time a year ago, we were given an assembly at school about School Year Abroad, and I somewhat shook it off, thinking how crazy it would be to do. How could I just pick up and leave? The idea of moving to another country seemed unthinkable. Living with a host family and going to a school with new people once again was something I thought I couldn't deal with. Starting anew was something I wasn't looking for. However, almost a year later, I find myself completely comfortable with the whole situation- I even feel like the culture shock has worn off and I just do my regularly "French routine" with no thoughts to it. Going to town with my friends, watching French TV, and eating heaps of bread is just the usual. 
Even before coming, I remember I told my mom a million times ,"I wish I could fast forward to a month in, when I'm settled in". Well, somehow three months have already passed and the clock is ticking. While our time after winter break will be more fun with so much traveling planned, I continuously remind myself of the millions of obstacles I've already overcome. If you were waiting for how this relates to the T-Swift song, it's that this experience was once a blank space, just four months ago, and today it is a whole new world of my own. 

On a less philosophical note, as the weather has gotten progressively colder, I've been gravitating more towards the European monochrome go-to look, which I never thought I would embrace. However, it's a nice "blank space" (heheh) or rather 'blank slate' and it's practical for when you want to take an outfit from day to night, whether you add some tall boots or a giant winter jacket. Shoe wise, I've been wearing my Docs like none other just in case it suddenly starts raining as it often does here. What's your favorite fall/winter piece?  

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a nice week and wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate (eat some pie for me!) xoxo

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