Transformations | Fall Playlist 2014

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        It is evident that time is always changing. Due to this fact, we all desperately try to live in the moment, and yet; our clarity is still fogged and we are unable to see what is right before us. In English class, we've been discussing the concept of observations and time, which are both huge aspects of our 9 months here. During the first month, I did my best to soak everything up and realize that yes, I am living France, but before I knew it, I found my self already nearing the end of 2 months, still baffled by how quickly everything has changed in such a short amount of time. 

Keeping this idea in mind, I had the idea to do a playlist focused around "transformations". I took the above pictures in the same spot of my host mom's backyard, each at different times of the day, noting the minor details. Despite believing this day would be completely sunny, it progressed to a cloudy one within a few hours, showing that not everything is guaranteed (especially when it comes to Brittany weather!) When it comes to the music, I tried to arrange these songs that I've been liking lately from slow paced to more upbeat to keep the "changes" idea incorporated. I hope you enjoy these songs and pictures! xoxo

Transformations | Fall Playlist 2014 by Isabelle N on Grooveshark
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