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Wearing:// Top: Topshop (Lace Crop Tee), Skirt: Shopbop (Parker Mckenna Skirt), Shoes: Made-Well (Steve Madden Dateme Flats), Bag: UO (old), Bracelets: Alex + Ani 

Yesterday afternoon I was sorting through all of my recent pictures and came across these outfit photos that I had completely forgotten I had taken late August. Hopefully that explains why I don't look like I am teeth chattering freezing, considering I'm not wearing tights. While my mom and I may have shot them a day or so before my departure, I have been so invested in the excitement of this French world I now live in, that everything pre-France is a blur. I now live in a world filled with tongue burning chocolate croissants and beautiful leather booties- aka heaven. To most people, one month away from home might not sound like much, but somehow it has felt like an eternity. After completing just 1/9 month(s) here, I feel like I've already changed a ton from when theses pictures were taken- meaning my French has improved and my shopping addiction worsened (the shopping here is so very dangerous!). It's funny to look back at these pictures nearly a month later and realize how much can change within a month, whether it be location, opinions, friendships, etc. etc. This epiphany just reminds me of how I love how easily photography can capture events or memories, and I've been really enjoying sharing pictures from my school year abroad on my blog. I hope you all are enjoying them as well!

Taking a break from my tangent to discuss the actual outfit- there's something about more girly style pieces which have an edgy/darker print that I love. Sometimes, I'm not exactly feeling the Docs look, however I'm also not going for the pearls and a bow vibe either- this is a nice business casual happy medium, haha. It's hard not to don the European black-everything style religiously, however knit and leather skirts have been my savior. Prints with contrast such as the one above create an easy way to keep your own style in mind while not being restricted to ankle booties, jeans, and a leather jacket. 

Occasionally, I like to look through my archives for whatever strange reason, and it's posts like this that make me miss summer. The weather here was quite beautiful throughout September, and all of a sudden dropped incredibly. Currently, a majority of the days begin extremely chilly when I'm en route to school (around 7:45), but by the afternoon, I'm nearly throwing off all of my layers with beads of sweat practically forming on my face. Oh! And you never know when it will randomly rain, thunder, lightning, or all three. Rule number one of Brittany weather: Do not trust the app and always have an umbrella. Just sayin'. 

Also, I just added Disqus to my blog and I'm thinking that I like it better than the old Blogger commenting system. The only downfall is my old comments didn't transfer over, but hopefully I'll figure that out. Lemme know (in a comment, haha) what you think of it and how you're doing! xoxo Isabelle 

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